The Second Annual Meteor Shootout Showcase


Hafsa Hassan

It’s 2020, shoot your shot :)

It’s that time of the year again! Lotus School for Excellence has successfully hosted their Second Annual Meteor Shootout. With tremendous effort from all teams, this event had a great outcome.

First and foremost, our JV Boys Basketball team was added into the tournament this year. They earned an astounding win against Two Roads Charter with a score of 54-46. Ridgeview Academy and William Smith Academy were much tougher opponents to beat, but this gave the JV team time to demonstrate their new plays and defensive work. 

Nabil Hassan, sophomore and first time player said, “Not only did the tournament help us improve individually, it helped us progress as a team. I believe our communication and defensive plays got better, and can improve as we go.” 


Our Varsity Basketball Girls scored big and won all of their tournament games. Despite having faced problems, such as unsportsmanlike behavior from the other team, our Varsity Girls beat Banning Lewis, 39-13. The rest of the tournament was history. Blowing out the competition from the get go helped our team strengthen both their defense and offense.  

Nour Goucem, sophomore and first time participant said, “We got closer as a team and we were able to see the court more clearly. Our shot mechanics improved as well.”

She added, “On Saturday, we had tons of fun such as playing the piano, and having a karaoke session, which made it memorable.”

The Varsity Boys Basketball team had two incredible wins, beating Golden View Classical with a score of 63-30. The game they were waiting for finally came. William Smith high school beat them at the beginning of the season. The Varsity Boys were not going to lose at home. They beat them 62-42.

The Lotus Meteor Shootout was a huge success and hopefully next year this will continue. Don’t forget to support our teams.