What we’re watching on Netflix


There is often nothing better than enjoying a little leisure time with a good movie or show to help deal with the stress of homework, studying, and other responsibilities. For that reason, I have decided to compile a list of top recommendations for what to watch from our own students and staff!

Check out the list below to find something that interests you.

“The Witcher”

Being a fan of fantasy fiction as a kid, and growing up having read fantasy fiction books, Mr.Scobee, a secondary social studies teacher recommended, “The Witcher.” “The Witcher is a fantasy fiction series, it’s rated TV-Mature, and it’s a bit campy. In different words, it’s a pretty odd series.”

“The Witcher” is a Netflix original show that recently was added to the service. It is based on the popular fantasy fiction books and video games by the same name. It tells the story of a monster hunter named Geralt and his adventures.   




“Lucifer” is a mystery show that came out in 2016, and has four seasons out. It’s rated TV-14 and is about a devil who is trying to better himself and find the true meaning of life after becoming a fallen angel. 

Ninth-grader, Alexis Medina recommended “Lucifer.” If you are a fan of mystery then “Lucifer” is the next show for you! 



Following the life of a detective in a dangerously corrupt city, this story is a new take on the Batman universe. This action-packed show is rated TV-14 and has a few scenes that are unsuitable for a younger audience, so parental guidance is advised. 

Being a well-known binge-watcher, Nour Goucem, tenth grader, recommended “Gotham.” “Almost every episode ends on a cliff-hanger and it has a lot of great twists. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat. Even though it doesn’t fully follow the comics, it is a great take on the Gotham,” Nour said.


“Criminal Minds”

A show following the story of an elite group of FBI profilers who track and analyze the world’s most unsettling perpetrators. The “Mind Hunting” team sets out to watch every move of these criminals and catch them before they are able to harm again. Using each other’s weaknesses and strengths, all expertise matches up to pinpoint predators’ motives and mental triggers to their situations. Rated TV-14, the drama show had many trigger warnings as some cases can be more severe than others. 

However, Junior Layla Haji highly recommends it as, “It just shows you the process of how criminals do things and why they do it. It also shows how certain things trigger the criminals to do whatever they do and it’s so cool.”

Poster of the series Criminal Minds


“Black Mirror”

A series that explores techno-paranoia and probes into the minds of society for doubts of the modern world. The drama series is rated TV-MA, due to a few episodes and scenes.

Secondary science teacher Mr.Pang recommended “Black Mirror.” It’s a rework of ”The Twilight Zone.” The series is made up of stand-alone episodes that you can easily skip over if they aren’t to your interest. Mr. Pang said,“It’s a series with no order. I combed through the episodes, and only watched the ones that appealed to me.” 



 “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez”

Imagine this, you’re a tight end for the New England Patriots, being one of the team’s most dominant players–you are living the dream. Then one day in a haze, you end the dream all over rage, and paranoia. A Netflix documentary, “The Mind of Aaron Hernandez,” deciphers and follows the legal case of the drafted player when sentenced to life in prison after a charge of first-degree murder. Also rated TV-MA, the show does warn you as it talks about a very vulgar case. 

Ms. Cashin, a secondary math teacher highly recommends the three-part series saying, “ It just messes with you, you know? It’s so intense and twisted and cool. ”


“Stranger Things”

Conspiracy theories, supernatural forces, extraordinary mysteries, all things a teen explores, right? No? Well, in “Stranger Things,” that’s exactly what teens explore! Based in the 1980s in Hawkins, Indiana, a group of teens set out on an exploration day in and day out. Following weird mysteries and solving all the world’s basic horror stories.

Rated TV-14, Ms. Bellot, a secondary English teacher, recommends the horror series, being a binge-watcher of it herself. “Of course this is a recommendation. It’s just so good.”