Getting to know the Counselor


Vicky Mendez

Her responsibility is teaching students about their behavior and go around every class to make sure if students are okay.

This year Lotus has a new counselor, Ms. Beckwith. You may know her since she has come every month into our classrooms.

Last year we had Ms.Hope, but she moved to the elementary side.  This is Ms. Beckwith’s first year as a counselor. She used to be an elementary teacher for 3 years and is from South Carolina. 

 Ms. Beckwith didn’t feel very supported by her old school counselor when she was teaching and she was serving as a teacher and a counselor to her students. That’s when she decided to go back to school and be an actual counselor. When I asked her what she likes about counseling here at Lotus, she said, “Most counselors serve either middle school or high school, but I get to do both. I get to see grades 6-12, so I like the age range.” 

Some things you may not know about Ms. Beckwith is that she is an only child. “I do not know how to ski, which seems like a big deal here,” she said with a laugh when I asked her about things we don’t know about her. She also wants to go to Europe. Ms. Beckwith’s hobbies are hiking and reading. 

If you ever need help with anything or have problems Ms. Beckwith is always there to help. She is located by the new science rooms upstairs.