Britain makes deal with controversial Chinese company


The Globe and Mail.

With the new technology of 5G taking the world by storm governments and developed countries are starting to make deals to bring the tech into their country. Recently Britain brought in Huawei to build part of their 5G network. 


The deal with Britain has been very controversial. Huawei is a Chinese company and there are worries that the company could be leaking info to the government. 


Britain government officials have addressed the issue and put in regulations to help deal with the concerns. These precautions include only allowing the company to use 35% of the network in areas deemed nonsensitive areas of the network.

The United States urged against the partnership with the high-risk vendor. Senior Trump administration official said, “We look forward to working with the U.K. on a way forward that results in the exclusion of untrusted vendor components from 5G networks.” The U.S. has also made a statement saying it will be reluctant to share intelligence with any allies who have Huawei as part of their telecom network.


Britain responded to the statement with highlights on their choice being forced to choose this company because of their broken market. Huawei also came out and defended itself with statements against the U.S’s claims of a backdoor with the fact that there is no law that forces the company to install a backdoor for the Chinese government


The U.S. is also being seen as hypocritical as they have as of November allowed American companies to work with Huawei on rural networks. This has made the whole situation a mix of controversy and confusion.