Review of the Promethean boards


Hafsa Hassan

Newly improved promethean boards

If you haven’t noticed yet, on January 15th,  the school replaced every projector and screen with a brand new Promethean board!


This upgrade has received some mixed reactions from teachers. Mrs. Shetiya, the tenth-grade math teacher, has her ups and downs with these boards. “The boards aren’t that bad, other than the screen sharing. Every time I go to the whiteboard app, the screen sharing disconnects and I have to reconnect it all over again.” 


Ollie Carr, a sophomore, finds Mrs. Shetiya’s struggle with the new boards entertaining. She stated, “It’s funny watching Mrs. Shetiya try to work with the Promethean board. Every time she tries to annotate, the pen switches from the marker to the pointer, not realizing it. When she wants to write on the math equation, the writing starts moving and loses its original place.”


On the other hand, Mr. Scobee, a secondary social studies teacher, loves everything about the Promethean board. The old projector he had only reflected what was on his computer screen. He couldn’t write on it or annotate. Mr. Scobee said, “ My favorite thing about the Promethean was annotating, and having the ability to show a second screen. While the students are working on their classwork, I can do my own work on the monitor.” 

Vicky Mendez

Overall, the boards have their pros and cons but they’re a big improvement for our staff, our students and our school.