Jake Paul VS AnesonGib


It was confirmed late October that two Youtube sensations Jake Paul and AnesonGib would have a chance to battle it out in a pro boxing match. Fans gathered around at the Meridian At Island Gardens, Miami to witness the two stars battle. 

Jake Paul was determined to avenge his brother’s loss to KSI and couldn’t wait to battle it out in the rivalry. Following in the footsteps of his brother, Logan Paul, he diligently prepared for his debut. Showing the world that boxing was more than a sport but a work ethic, he continues to follow his dream. In addition to the fight, KSI and AnesonGib are friends which fueled Paul’s determination to win. 

Lasting only one round, Paul had a huge advantage. Aneson put himself in an awkward position which ultimately killed him from the start. Although he delivered a single hand early in the match, drawing blood from Paul’s nose, he couldn’t land anything as the fight went on. 

The fight didn’t end up pretty. Paul continued to knock him down. The second and third knockdowns came in the blink of an eye. Giving Paul the victory in his pre-debut. Gib fell without a single blow, 0-1.