Celebrities Controversies

Throughout the year of 2019 to right now, there have been a lot of celebrity scandals happening. Some may have not done anything, and some damaged reputations. Only time will tell how these will be looked back at, but it is not looking really pretty at the moment. These are the most appalling controversies that have occurred within the last couple of months.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

There have been millions of women who have come out with assault stories. However, there is the chance that one person may be lying. We found out what that looked like when Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of verbal and physical abuse. Tapes have been circulated about this incident, where Amber Heard had verbally abused Depp when nobody was around. Heard has gone on to confirm her mistreatment of the well-successful actor, and says she has a problem with temper. “It’s just crazy to think because he was in Pirates of The Carribean and he played this big strong guy and to hear that his wife beat him, it’s crazy.” said Junior Layla Haji when asked her opinion on this topic.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

R-Kelly’s Trafficking 

There have been a number of victims who have come out against R. Kelly since 2018. Although it had worsened in 2019, it started as far back as the year 2000. Flash forward to 19 years, there were at least 13 scandals that had opened against the singer. His daughter Joann Kelly later went on to denounce him, calling her father a monster on her Instagram story. He had 10 charges of sexual abuse in one month alone, and would appear in court multiple times. 


Ms. Martin, a Secondary Literature teacher, had been listening to R. Kelly before many cases had opened up against him. “It was shocking! I remember allegations from 2000,” she adds. There were documentaries targeted at this subject, and it left her crying. She went on to say that it could be hard for some to part with his music for some people; seeing as memories (as simple as one of his songs being played at a wedding) can be made by any of his songs.

“Even if he can be redeemed, I don’t necessarily believe he can be forgiven. Because if he wants to be redeemed, he has to admit to abusing women and his predatory behavior,” she adds, after confirming that she quit listening to his music right after the first allegations were made public.

Chris Hansen vs. Onision

Chris Hansen vs. Onision

Onision is a YouTuber who was popular when Leafyishere was at his peak. Now that he is gone, Onision has struggled to keep his public image as relevant. That all changed in 2019, when accusations of grooming his young fans were publicized. Chris Hansen, a longtime star who uncovers and interrogates pedophiles, had been aware of this drama, and had talked to many who were victimized by Onision. By late 2019/early 2020, action had to be taken.

On January 14, 2020, Chris Hansen and his camera crew had visited the residence of Onision to question him. Onision called 911 as soon as he knocked on the door, and proceeded to sue him later. The case was dismissed, as Onision ended up suing the wrong Chris Hansen. This case is not over (as of February 2020), as many have been vocal on getting rid of Onision.

Jaystation’s Exploitation

Many people take risks and challenges to make lots of money. Although it is great to earn money, there are people who take it to an inhumane level; Jaystation is the best example for this. Have you ever seen those 3 AM Ouija Board videos? That’s all from him. He exploited a deceased YouTuber before using this template.

Recently (as of Jan/Feb 2020), Jaystation had faked his girlfriend’s death, and milked the subject for 4 videos before he took them down. His girlfriend (real life Alexia) broke up with him and went on to have an interview with John Scarce (channel: Scarce), exposing Jaystation for being aggressive and a horrible person. Keemstar of Drama Alert and several other YouTubers had called for Jaystation to be removed off of YouTube, since his fans are a lot younger and for violating the YouTube Terms of Service. He has been arrested for assault with a weapon.


Alexia’s interview is available to watch on Scarce’s channel and her “exposed” video on her own channel (Alexia Marano, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQnQR-zyNq4). It’s a must see and I totally recommend it.

As of February 2020, Jaystation has recently decided to resign from YouTube. He uploaded a video titled “goodbye…”, with him saying he will be taking a break from YouTube due to living with immoral standards. 

Are you shocked by any of these? Do you think one of these people should be forgiven for any of their controversy? Let us know your opinions on these situations down in the comments below.