Erick Eats: Rosie’s Diner

Rosie’s Diner is one of the many unique restaurants in Colorado. This restaurant has a retro 1950’s theme to it. Walking inside you will see neon lights, famous celebrity pictures hung around the interior, and chrome almost everywhere.

Juniors Julia Mendez, Aisha Eldursi, Layla Haji, and Maha Al Ghareeb all took a trip to Rosie’s and shared with us their experience. “From the second we walked in people were already smiling at us,” said Julia. “They weren’t busy so they seated us sort of fast.” 

Serving a variety of American dishes, Aisha decided to try the basic American Classic burger. “The burger was good. It was basic, but still really good,” she said. “Their fries though, their fries hit different. They’re seasoned like Cajun fries but not over seasoned, so they were bomb.”

Layla decided to try something different. She got the Fried Shrimp Platter. “The shrimp was really good. It kinda tasted like something I’d eat out of a straight seafood restaurant which isn’t what you’d expect from a diner,” she said.

Maha, a frequent flyer at Rosie’s, got Cheese Fries. “These fries are so good. I come here like every other weekend and almost always get the same thing because they’re just that good.”

“The theme of the restaurant is cool. They had such nice decorations even on the table. They had this mini jukebox thing that worked with quarters, so that was cool,” said Layla.

Also, they have car meets every now and then. The kind of cars that are brought are more old school American muscle cars. Rosie’s has very good service, you don’t have to wait long to be served and the waitresses always come to you with a smile on their face. 

Betty Boop is someone who they cherish the most out of all these celebrities, they have a shrine dedicated to her. Not only the shrine but she is also a part of their decoration throughout the whole restaurant, even in their little candy area.

Overall, Rosie’s is a fun experience. We recommend checking it out, especially if you love that classic Americana vibe.