Hafsa Hassan

Isai has lost 6 of his airpods

Did you know that people are expected to spend 700 million or more this year on replacing their misplaced or missing AirPods?

These Wireless Bluetooth earphones range from $159-$200, which upsets users that may have to replace them. The company charges $69 for a replacement AirPod or $138 for a pair. Charging cases can also be replaced for $59 for plug-ins and $79 for wireless versions.

Recent studies show that 17% of AirPods users lose one or both of their Airpods. Although the numbers may seem low, the possibility is never 0. Isai Nava, a Junior,  stated that he has already lost 6 pairs of Airpods by misplacing them. 

The biggest problem of losing your Airpods is having to replace them if you choose to. Replacement earbuds and cases represent about 5% to 7% of total AirPod sales. However, only about 1% won’t replace their lost Airpods.

The best way not to lose your Airpods is to connect them to your Apple ID. This will allow you to track them if lost.