Student serenades are a huge success


Vicky Mendez

Ms. McG choir class, going around singing to teachers and students.

This year our school has started something different, something musical and unexpected. 

 The High School Choir class decided it was time for a change to spread a little love and joy before Valentines day. Instead of giving out chocolates and flowers as is tradition, they captivated students and staff with their voices.  

 The concept of the Sing-O-Grams all started off as just an idea, but in need of fundraising, the High School Choir team thought of it as an opportunity. 

Ms. McG said, “Well the idea came to be when we saw other schools with big choir programs. We took this as an opportunity to grow as a choir team.”

Sing-o-grams were available for $5 during 4th and 5th period lunch.  It was out of the ordinary but drew in the attention of many students.

The songs the choir sang were, “Yo” (Excuse Me Miss) by Chris Brown, “L.O.V.Eby Frank Sinatra, “Baby” by Justin Bieber, “Let Me Love You” by Mario and many more great songs.

Vicky Mendez

Ms. McG said, “Both groups picked out most of their songs and learned to find different harmonies to it. They also learned how to blend their voices together.”

 Many students were happy when they saw that the choir was coming into their classroom. Students especially liked when they came to sing to Mr. Russell who is happily single. 

Saba Gebru said, “The most memorable experience I had was when we went into Mr. Russell’s class and captivated him with our voices. He ran up the stairs and tried to hide in his storage room, but the class cheered him on.”

This is a new start for the program and we hope that more high schoolers find interest in this course.

Ms.McG proudly said, “This tradition will keep on going, and hopefully when the choir classes get bigger they will go to different places and sing at other places.”