The Primaries


It’s time to elect another president for the country. March 3rd was the official day for Super Tuesday where 11 different states put in votes for their delegated candidate based on their party.

All people who registered Democrat or Republican received ballots for their respective party’s candidates, and those who are unidentified received one with both parties’ candidates. At the moment, the leader of the votes so far is Donald Trump with 833 votes for the Republican party representative. For the Democratic party, the leader so far is Joe Biden with 602, and Bernie Sanders close behind with 538 votes.

With the election news buzzing, Lotus students and teachers are ready to put in their opinion to change the government. Some of the themes that others put were policies to help school funding for students who need it. Mr. Pang, the secondary science teacher, advises all those who are voting to look at the bigger picture, and make sure to follow how your vote affects the bigger picture.

This year is the first year for many senior students to vote in this election. Senior student Mariam M. voted for her first time this year. She is looking forward to policies like free college to be addressed. On the other hand, senior Michelle Tores., who is also voting for the first time, wants to see change in medical insurance, and not free college, but cheaper. 

When I asked senior Salem Scobee about her opinions on the matter she said, “I started out picking party-wise, but then I took a look at the candidates and decided based on their character and my personal beliefs.”