Lotus Annual African Night


Muslima Toirova

Senior friends representing Ethiopia together

On Thursday, February 27, student council hosted their 3rd annual African Night. This event gave students of African heritage a chance to share their culture and traditions and feel pride. Lotus has many students with roots all over Africa. Ms. Baysden said, “I believe this event is important to celebrate a large part of our student culture and community.¨ 

Muslima Toirova
Two friends helping set up.

The secondary school gym was packed with a lot of delicious cultural foods with scents that would make your mouth water. There were many parents, students, and teachers in attendance. There were many entertainers in attendance as well. Models were strutting the gym and showing their cultural clothing.  The dancers showed off their wonderful choreographed dances that stunned the crowd.

¨I enjoy trying new foods and seeing the students dance and model,” said Ms. Baysden.


Muslima Toirova
Models performing for the last time tonight

Proud seniors Ashley Asumadu and Ada Arinze enjoyed African night. They wanted to show the audience what West Africa really is. They also wanted to make the dance look the best.


¨Ada and I have been dancing since the First African Night so the intimidation doesn’t bother me,” Ashley said.


Ada said that, she was intimidated by the crowd because it was her last African night dance and she wants to cherish this moment.


Rahel Kahsai also participated in the dancing section during African night. She enjoys expressing her culture by showing it to people.

She wasn’t intimidated because she is exposed to a lot of people and this is normal to her.

Muslima Toirova
Performing tradition dances

African night was one for the books and it will run as a tradition here at Lotus School for Excellence.