Michael‌ ‌Bloomberg‌ ‌for‌ ‌President??!!‌


If you’ve been on YouTube lately watching cat videos or something then you must have seen lots of ads about this old guy who’s saying you should vote for him as our president but the real question is, is he even eligible to be a president?


Michael Bloomberg is an American businessman and a former mayor of New York City. As a mayor, he has done lots of things for New York including making its air cleaner. As a president, Bloomberg promises include taking action about climate change, gun violence and regulations, and protecting LGBTQ rights. 


Bloomberg was born on February 14th, 1942, making him 78 years old. He graduated from Harvard Business School in 1966 with a Masters in Business Administration. He received many awards and honors. His net worth is about $61.9 billion. 


His first job after graduating from school was at Salomon Brothers, the Wall Street investment bank, where he earned $9000 per year! He worked for them until he became a partner of the business, the business ended up getting sold and he got fired but since he is a partner he got $10 million cash. He accepted the money and used it to start his own successful company, Bloomberg L.P. that makes $10 billion annually!


In 1975, Bloomberg got married to the daughter of a retired Royal Air Force wing commander. Susan Brown, and they had two daughters, Georgina and Emma. In 1993, they got a divorce but Bloomberg never remarried. 


He ran for mayor in 2001 and became the mayor of New York City until 2013. As a mayor, he improved New York in a variety of aspects. Bloomberg said in one of his speeches, “ I created a campaign to take on the biggest polluters and the climate threats. As mayor, I banned smoking in restaurants and bars and then cut teen smoking by 50% and today we continue to win battles against the tobacco industry.” 


“We improved graduation rates working together by 42%. We cut murders in half while reducing incarceration by nearly 40%. We also cut the city’s carbon footprint by 14% and created new programs to combat poverty and we expanded health care and strengthened immigrant communities. As mayor my priority was helping the millions of New Yorkers who needed it now. I know the government can improve people’s lives because when I ran New York City, that’s exactly what we did and we should never settle for less.”


He got a salary of $1 dollar per year when he was a mayor. Yes, you read that right, $1 a year, so about 8 cents a month!


“I first ran for mayor because when I looked around I became more and more frustrated with the stories of senseless gun violence failing schools and lack of opportunity for those born poor or who were discriminated against because of their race religion or gender. Most people said to me ‘well that’s just the way it is’ and I said to myself why, why can’t we do better or rather than just complain about it why don’t we do something about it and so that’s exactly what I did.” Bloomberg said.


At first, Bloomberg was a democrat. Then he switched to republican. Then again he switched to independent. Then, once more, he switched back to a democrat, supporting other democrats win other elections.

According to Advertising Analytics, so far Bloomberg spent about $188 million on his candidate campaign. That’s the most that has been spent on a campaign in presidential history. 

He claims that he will be “ the only candidate in this race who isn’t going to take a penny from anyone and will work for a dollar a year just as I did for 12 years in New York City Hall.”


Bloomberg seems confident that he’s going to make a good president and thinks he will defeat Trump. In a speech, he said “…We say we have to beat Trump, now I took on Trump on gun violence and one stronger gun laws and states across the country, I took on Trump the climate denier and have led efforts that have closed more than half of the nation’s dirty coal-fired power plants.” 

He adds on, “Trump right now is carrying water for big tobacco I’ve taken on the the dangers of e-cigarettes to protect our kids. I know what it takes to beat Trump because I already have and I will do it again. Defeating Trump and rebuilding America is the most urgent and important fight of our lives and I’m going all-in”


He says that he’ll “ outline plans for creating good-paying jobs providing quality health care for every American, stopping gun violence, reducing incarceration, fighting climate change, fixing our broken immigration system, raising taxes in wealthy individuals like me, protecting women’s and LGBTQ rights, supporting our veterans, and re-establishing America’s place in the world as a force for peace and stability, but more than plans I offer the leadership to turn plans into reality, to roll up my sleeves, to motivate our country, to unite and rebuild America and make it fairer and better.”


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