Halloween 2022

The Best of Lotus Costumes This Halloween

Halloween is a chance for many people to experience being their favorite characters and the spooky fun of dressing up and eating lots of candy.

At Lotus, students and staff alike got creative with their costumes this year. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable.

1. Ms. Martin as Keely Jones

Ms. G as Wednesday Adams and Ms. Martin as Keeley Jones (Kimrose Bassra and Janet Bajikijay)

This year Ms. Martin went all out for Halloween and dressed up as Keely Jones, a character from Ted Lasso, a TV show about a premier league soccer team. The inspiration behind Ms. Martin’s Halloween character has a personal meaning to her. 

According to Ms. Martin,  Keely Jones is “an entrepreneur, and she has supportive collaborative relationships with other women, and articulates her needs to her friends, colleagues, and her partnership. She models being vulnerable, strong, successful, and feminine all at the same time.” 

Furthermore, Ms. Martin stated that her admiration for Keely Jones comes from the character’s embodiment of womanhood. She said, “Women are asked to be so many things, and it’s very difficult to be all of them all the time. Despite being fictional, she models all that struggle and makes it look graceful.” 

2. Gabriela Macias as Cat Woman

Gabriela, a senior, dressed up as Cat Woman, the iconic anti-hero from The Batman series. Gabriela chose Cat Woman because she recently was gifted a cat ear mask by a friend, and she happens to be a fan of the strong female character.

“I love that Cat Woman is an independent woman,” Gabriela said. “I’m someone who doesn’t like it when guys underestimate a girl’s potential, so that’s why I thought Cat Woman was a good choice for me.”

Students at Lotus dressed up for the fun Halloween tradition. From left to right, Jazmin, Alexis, Darian, Gabriela, and Courtney (Kimrose Bassra and Janet Bajikijay )

3. Alexis Chavez as a skeleton 

Alexis, a junior, and his cousin, Jazmin, a freshman, decided to dress up as spooky skeletons. They were inspired by their favorite childhood book, “The Skeleton Inside You.” It’s a science book made for kids that Alexis’s old teacher used to read to him, and later read to Jazmin when she was in the same class.

“I loved that book because I thought bones looked so freaky until I realized their true function in our bodies, which is pretty cool,” Alexis shared.

His cousin was the artist behind the look. “Jazmin did both of our makeup. I think she did an incredible job. I felt like I came straight out of the movie Coco,” Alexis said.

4. Aur Dar as L from Death Note

Aur, a junior, dressed up as the anime character L from the show Death Note. He’s a fan of the show, but admits that he chose L because he felt he was one of the easiest characters to dress up as. In the show, L simply wears a white sweater and baggy jeans. Aur already has long black hair, so it was not difficult to recreate L’s signature look.

“L stands out in the show. He’s technically the antagonist, but you grow to like him the more you watch because of his peculiar but highly intelligent character,”Aur said.

Aur was L from Death Note for Halloween
(Kimrose Bassra )

5. Silvestre Rios Ramirez as a Mariachi singer

Silvestre, a freshman, decided to dress up as a skeleton Mariachi singer as a nod to Día de los Muertos, an important holiday in his culture. Silvestre and his family are from Zacatecas in Mexico, and they observe the Day of the Dead to honor loved ones who passed away.

“My mom helped me to do the make up, and I think it turned out great. It was the first time I ever painted my face, so it was interesting,” Silvestre shared.

These are just some of the awesome costumes shown off at Lotus this year. It’s clear that everyone put a lot of thought into their costumes. Tell us what you were for Halloween in the comments below!

Silvestre dressed up as a dead mariachi singer! (Kimrose Bassra)