Crossing the Finish Line

The season has ended for the LSE Varsity Cross Country Team. While this year was different from previous years with a team of mostly underclassmen, new runners, and only one coach, the performance of our runners was beyond exceptional.

Cross country middle and high school runners after their race!

Despite being young, the runners this year had high hopes of placing for conferences and making it to states. Runners like Hoda Abdi and Alaysha Ramos Vazquez, led the team with their positive attitude and their ambitions for reaching States.

Other runners like Milko Sado, who was the oldest on the team, shared that their relationship as a team is what made the season most enjoyable.

Varsity runners before their run supporting each other! Great role models for the younger runners.

Cross country is not an easy sport as runners are expected to be running more than 10 miles every week while maintaining good academics. The cross country team worked hard and proudly represented our school this year and say they owe it all to their coaches. Runners of the team have requested to shout out both Coach Baysden and Rice. Even though Coach Baysden wasn’t officially coaching this year, she supported them from the sidelines. Runner Milko Sado says, “She is really the one who pushed me to continue running, and without her, I wouldn’t want to run this year.” Coach Rice has successfully worked with new and old faces in providing them a great season. “Coach Rice’s support really pushes me to run better,” exclaims first-year-runner Yai Ayani. Lotus students proudly recognize both coaches  for their hard work and dedication to the team!

Despite the varsity cross country team having younger runners, older students managed to work as influential role models for the less experienced middle schoolers, and we hope they follow in their footsteps.

One last time, let’s give it up for the Lotus Varsity Cross Country team; the future is looking bright for these young XC stars. 

The team puts their hands together in unity to cheer each other on. Love the Lotus spirit!