Cozy Season Ideas

Music, Movies, and Activities to Bring Warmth to The Cold Months


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Let us all enjoy Fall while it’s still here!

The fall and winter seasons are here, and so are the fun activities that put you in the cozy spirit. Your A&E reporters, Winta and Bryan, have looked for the perfect music, movies, and activities to enjoy while the last of the leaves fall and temperatures drop.

Sophomore Jullian Niceta enjoying listening to music. Photo by Hafsa Hassan

Songs to Put You in the Cozy Spirit

Music can change our feelings both positively and negatively. There are plenty of songs you can listen to during this season to get you in the fall feeling. According to a fellow Lotus student, songs like “Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole, “September” by James Arthur, and “Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo will help you experience the season in a new light.

When interviewing the music teacher, Ms. G, about the songs/bands that put her in the fall mood, she said “although my music playlist doesn’t change much, I like to listen to “Pictures of Fall” by Roger Emerson and John Jacobson while watching the leaves fall.”

The PureWow website includes some fantastic fall music you should definitely listen to before the season ends. Some of them are listed below:

  1. “Autumn in New York” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (1956)
  2. “Forever Autumn” by Justin Hayward (1978)
  3. “Wake Me Up When September Ends” by Green Day (2004)
  4. “Harvest Time” By Luke Bryan (2011)
  5. “Autumn Leaves” By Ed Sheeran (2011)

There are a variety of songs to listen to during this cozy season, so go enjoy them while you can.

Ms. G, the music teacher, smiling brightly.

Movies that’ll Make you Fall…for Fall!

There is a wide variety of great movies to choose from to have a cozy night in. Some of the most popular movies for the Fall season include:

  1. Hocus Pocus (1993)
  2. Monster House (2006) 
  3. Frozen II (2019) 
  4. The Nut Job (2014).

These are a couple of the most popular fall movies according to There are obviously way more, but those are only a couple! These listed movies all either take place in the Fall and/or use Fall to add to the plot. 

BONUS! Ms. Grunzke Recommends:  

Fortunately, we were able to get more suggestions for your enjoyment from our unrivaled theater teacher, Ms. Grunzke! Ms. Grunzke had many play recommendations that also relate to or take place in the Fall season. Plays that she recommends are “Perfect Storm” and “Newsies.”

Ms. Grunzke teaching. Photo by Kimrose Bassra

Two highlighted plays from the interview were “the almost-perfect Broadway show and play,” “Hamilton,” and “Proof,” both a play and adapted movie. “Proof” is a story about a mathematician and his daughter, who inherited his math skills and mental illness. It follows the daughter, Catherine, on a journey to solve a mystery after her father passed. A classic movie Ms. Grunzke recommended was “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”

When asked about why she recommended these choices, Ms. Grunzke said that all the plays deal with themes that we encounter in real life, like how “Proof” focuses on family obligations and reaching your own goals.

Thank you for your suggestions Ms. Grunzke! We’ll be more than sure to check them out.   

Activities to do After Raking the Leaves 

If movies or music are not your things, then how about some fall activities? Or if you need to take a break from the blue light, of course. There are a lot of classic activities that you can do during the Fall, a time which makes the activities 1000 times better. Some of our top picks include:

  1. Go pick pumpkins 
  2. Go on a nature hike or walk 
  3. Be around a fire pit with friends/family
  4. Roast pumpkin seeds 
  5. Straight up, jump into a pile of leaves

These are just a few activities that we found online. If you’d like to see the whole list make sure to do so here!

There you have it, we hope that you all get a chance to enjoy your Fall a bit more before it ends.