The Soccer Team’s Semi-Final Victory! 

Lotus has brought another triumph home, as Varsity Boys’ Soccer Team wins the semi-finals match! 

Once again our boys varsity team has brought another triumph home winning 2-1 in their game against number 2 ranked Bishop Machebeuf High School on Saturday, November 5th. They have had a great streak so far and we can’t wait to see them play in the finals. 

Joshua Arriaga, a sophomore varsity player, had this to say about their win. “We felt confident, but not cocky. I had full trust in my team who I see as brothers, and we all trust each other.  We were ready to do whatever it took to win, and we brought home the trophy.”

Freshmen Varsity player Mikiyas Regassa added, “To be a freshman on this team and earn such a win is an honor.”

In celebration of their win, the soccer boys and Coaches Pang and Chris have all dyed their hair blonde. This was a bet made on their first day of practice and they kept their promise, showing us how trustworthy they are. Not only is this amusing but also a symbol of teamwork and dedication. 

Some of the soccer boys’ show off their dyed blonde hair to show their commitment. Janet Bajikijay

One of the team captains, Junior Nahom Sisay, explained, “In the beginning of the season, we all came to an agreement that we would either dye our hair or cut it. I feel like it was a motivation to push us to do greater. It was more like a commitment to the team or team bonding.” 

Coach Pang had this message to say to the boys: “We have been preparing for a year and 3 months, 2 years and 3 months, 3 years and 3 months.  We have  put ourselves in the best position to have the results we’ve expected. We understand what we have to do physically, mentally and emotionally. Now it’s time to execute.”

Here is the list of names of all the champions on the soccer team:       

Fernando Alcantar-Barajas, Jose Altamirano, Dariel Anaya , Joshua Arriaga,Danny Arriaza, Biruk Astatike, Erick Davila, Abeneazer Getachew, Arda Hakverdi, Jason Izaguire,Carlos Martinez, Emanuel Martinez Parada, Jesus Martinez Parada, Selman Omer, Fredy Perza, Mikiyas Regassa, Alexis Ruiz, Izael Sanchez, Abdelrazik Seid, Nahom Sisay, Abdirahman Werfa, Henok Zewdu,