New Policies for TA’s

Updated Requirements for being a TA for Second Semester


Leo Chavez, Mr. Watson’s TA, showing off his TA badge.

Becoming a TA is something many underclassmen look forward to doing when they become juniors and seniors. However, a new policy has been implemented that will affect who is eligible to do this job. 

This new policy will begin second semester and will affect current as well as future TA’s. The goal for these new requirements is to better the program and resolve complaints from the current system.

The new basic requirements to be considered a teacher assistant are as follows: 

  • Completing a “Teacher Recommendation Form” 
  • Maintain A’s and B’s from the previous semester/quarter (C’s will be considered based on Teacher recommendation). 
  • 92% or higher attendance in all classes (tardies not exceeding over 5 per quarter)

Grades are important and are being thoroughly stressed, so make sure that you keep your grades B’s and higher. To add, you are to stay in the class for the whole period you TA for unless given permission by the teacher to complete errands. Every student is to report to their scheduled class before the bell rings. All TA’s are expected to wear lanyards which indicate their position and, once the class is over, their lanyard is to be kept within the teacher’s classroom. Students cannot change which teacher they want to TA for after they have been assigned to one.

Being a TA is actually a pass/fail class which means you are given a grade. The grade is based on behavior, attendance, work ethic, leadership and attitude. All students who are TA’s need to show great professionalism since many students look up to them as role models. 

There are ways that you can be removed as a TA if rules – which will be strictly enforced – are not followed. This includes wandering in the hallways when expected in a classroom, being disruptive, and not following Lotus daily expectations. If a TA is found disobeying rules, then this will lead to probation. Following probation, you will have 4 weeks to correct your mistakes. If further warnings and consequences are given, you can be removed from being a teacher assistant.

These new requirements should not discourage any student from the possibility and opportunity of being a TA, but instead motivate those interested in this role.

This is the official recommendation form that must be filled out in order to become a TA.