Community Thanksgiving is Back!

Join us Wednesday, 11/16, at 5:30 p.m.

Tradition is the foundation of togetherness in a community. Here at Lotus School for Excellence, we take pride in the traditions we have formed over the years. Sadly, many of those traditions couldn’t be held the past few years due to the pandemic. Now that we are back in-person and able to gather safely once again, our community can resume the festivities. One of the main traditions at Lotus is the annual Thanksgiving dinner which will be held on the 16th of November, 2022 at 5:30 pm. This year, the Thanksgiving dinner is being hosted by the members of the National Honors Society.

An interview with some of the members of the National Honors Society enlightens us on the reason they have chosen to uphold this tradition. They told us how they hope the event will turn out, and they also left a message for the Lotus community.

Esra Hima is a senior at Lotus, and she is also the president of the National Honors Society (Hafsa Hassan)

Esra Hima 

Esra Hima is a senior and also the president of the National Honors Society. When asked about the reason why the NHS decided to hold the Thanksgiving dinner this year, Esra responded that this upcoming Thanksgiving dinner is a way for the whole Lotus community to come together again.  Esra also left a message for the students at Lotus, saying, “I want everyone to come to the Thanksgiving dinner and celebrate with us since it is my final year at Lotus.”

Newal Nasir 

Newal Nasir is a junior, and she is part of the design committee of the NHS. She designed the flyers that are displayed in the hallways to promote the event. According to Newal, “Typically, we would have other families bring their food, so that we can have a little bit of their culture. For this year, however, Lotus would be providing the food to be safe due to regulations around Covid.” 

Newal Nasir who is also an NHS member, a Designer (Milko Sado)

 Newal also shared a vision for what a successful Thanksgiving dinner would look like. “I think a successful Thanksgiving would be the one where everybody is served, everybody feels welcomed, and definitely where we all feel like a community by the end of it.”

The final message from Newal was that she hopes that this annual Thanksgiving dinner will unite all Lotus together.

Eman Adam

Eman Adam is a junior and a prestigious member of the NHS. Eman, alongside all the members of the NHS, will be working at Thanksgiving dinner to make sure all the families have a good time. According to Eman, the NHS is planning on having at least 300 people show up to dinner, and they hope the event will be more family-oriented. She also told us the reason behind this upcoming event. She said, “We are holding it because we want it to bring the community together and have more fun since we couldn’t do anything last year because of Covid.”

Eman Adam a junior at Lotus and an NHS member. (Ama Nti)

She also stated, “This will also be a chance to let people into the building, so that we are able to eat as a community. Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s a chance to come together with your friends and family and eat a delicious meal together.”

Furthermore, Eman had a message for the members of Lotus who are coming and those who might be considering joining. She said, “ For those who want to come, make sure to RSVP on the website, and if you are thinking about it, come eat free food, have some fun, and make some memories!”

Join us on Wednesday! 

The members of the National Honors Society hope that the Thanksgiving dinner will unite the Lotus family again. They also hope that this Thanksgiving dinner will be the foundation of many more unifying traditions to bring us closer as a community. So come have fun with your family and friends and create some memories!