Coming Soon: The Performing Arts Center

Updates on the auditorium renovation


Janet Bajikijay

The auditorium is pushing through with its construction.

The wait is coming to an end! In no time, the auditorium will be open to the public. For many years, students remembered our old “auditorium” by its green carpeting, pew seating, and small stage. However, the auditorium has been in construction since last year, 2021, for a full reconstruction. 

According to Mr. Durmus, the auditorium is expected to open in January 2023. The opening date of the auditorium has been changed a few times, mostly due to supply chain issues. 

Although it is taking a while, Mr. Durmus assures us that we will have a high quality auditorium that is worth the wait. He says that Mr. Williams, the executive director, has been supervising the project. 

With the construction complete, the auditorium will open a whole new world for arts and entertainment of all kinds here at Lotus. The theater and music teachers will be the ones who most appreciate this addition to Lotus. 

Upon interviewing them, here are all their shared feelings and plans for the auditorium. 

Ms. G’s Thoughts?

Ms. G, our secondary music teacher, is excited for students to share their talent in a space where family and friends can feel comfortable. Ms. G also said, “The sound production in the way the room will be constructed will be able to showcase their talent in a great way, so it’s exciting.”

When asked if she has any major plans once the auditorium opens, Ms. G replied, “I’ve been wanting to bring in people to do master classes, so when we have an auditorium, a space that I can actually bring them into, I’ll be planning master classes so that we can bring in all different kinds of instrumentalists.” 

Ms. Terrie’s Thoughts?

Let’s not forget about our elementary music teacher, Ms. Terrie! She hopes that the auditorium opens soon as it has been such a long wait. Ms. Terrie told me, “Elementary students have been working on some concert songs, so we’re kind of waiting for it to open to have our first big concert.” 

In terms of plans, Ms. Terrie hopes to have the elementary choir perform during the opening ceremony. She also mentioned that she has some students in her drama club that are going to have some shows ready. “I’m actually hoping to use the auditorium a lot when it opens,” Ms. Terrie concluded.

If you have any siblings in elementary, get ready to watch them perform!

Ms. Grunzkes’ Thoughts?

Last but not least, Ms. Grunzke! Our secondary theater arts/drama teacher can not wait for the auditorium to open. She said, “You can’t play basketball without a hoop, and you can’t do art without clay right? We need the space and we’re excited.”  

For her plans, Ms. Grunzke said,  “definitely going to transfer my classes into the space so that we can get some experience performing on a stage.” She also mentioned that she would like to pair with the music program here at Lotus to add theatrical elements to their performances. She ended things off by saying, “hopefully we’ll have some performances of our own.”

I hope you all are looking forward to the opening of the auditorium. A huge thanks to Ms. G, Ms. Terrie, and Ms. Grunzke for their time and contribution. Better call them back for a curtain call!