Fall League, Ever Heard of it?

October 24, 2018


The boys and girls Lotus Basketball teams are currently playing in a Fall League basketball tournament held in Golden, CO, about a 30-45 minute drive from Aurora. The tournament is mainly composed of 5A schools and skill leveled club teams. The main reason why Coach Jackson put the boys and girls team in the fall league is to prepare our teams and push them to better themselves for the season.

The boys and girls teams have lost most of the games so far, but Coach Jackson isn’t concerned about the losses, instead focusing on how well we execute practice and our growth.
“I don’t care about the score as long as we do our job and work together,” says Coach Jackson before and after every game, “We need to work on us and getting better for the regular season.”
When asking Daniel Horra, varsity captain, if playing in the Fall League has affected the team, he answered, “Playing the tougher teams has definitely improved how we play as a unit, and noticeably improved how we play the game of basketball, which will give us the upper hand in our regular season.”
Layla Haji, a basketball player participating in Fall-league, says, “The competition in the Fall League is exactly what the girls needed, so in the regular season we’re more comfortable when we play.”
“I really believe this year we have the skill set and chance to win the championship,” says Coach Jackson. With the regular season approaching Coach Jackson and the basketball teams have worked extremely hard on their craft all of the off-season to win the championship.


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