Up Next: Lotus’s Performing Night!

Join us Tuesday December 6th at 6:00 pm in the secondary gym!


Students practice singing to prepare for the entertainment night.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Get ready to cloy and twirl. Lotus will be having its first performing night this year!

Lotus’s secondary students who are involved in the Lotus arts program (which includes piano and choir) will be performing Tuesday, December 6th at 6:00 pm here in the  secondary gym. Despite not taking place in the auditorium, all will be set up properly to ensure the comfort for our friends and family. 

A Word From the Host, Ms. G.

Ms. G, the piano and choir teacher, is also very excited.  She stated that her and all her students are working hard on their pieces. Her students are also excited as they get to share the songs they have worked so hard on. “I’m really excited!” Ms. G shared. “I think the kids who have already performed last year are feeling very excited but also nervous since they know what to expect. I think the kids who have never performed before are probably feeling more anxious because they don’t know what to expect.”

We interviewed some students from both the Piano and Choir classes who will be performing this night to know how they feel about performing arts night. 

A Word From the Piano Side

Feruz, a student here currently taking piano classes, says she feels “excited!” “That’s the best word I can say but I’m a bit nervous because it is our first concert.”  As for her experience with performing, Feruz has done a few concerts as she had a piano class in 8th grade, but aside from that not much else. Her message to the students reading this was “please come in support everybody, it’ll be nice to have our first performing night in 3, 4 years.” 

Another Lotus piano player who will be playing at the performing night said “I’m pretty excited but at the same time I’m pretty nervous cause I still got a part that I need to finish practicing.” This Lotus piano player has had no experience performing before. There’s always a first time for everything! They closed by saying “come to the concert and enjoy.”

Erin Moon, a freshman, practicing piano.

A Word From the Choir Side

As for the kids in choir class, Juan mentioned that he feels very positive, ready and excited. He also revealed that it is going to be very fun with very cool songs that they are going to perform. Regarding his experience with performing, Juan said “I have one year of choir now and I’m doing my second year right now and also this year I am starting with theater and drama… so I have a good knowledge of performing.” Lastly, he wanted to share “I hope you all enjoy this and hope to see you all there during the concert.” 

Thank you Juan, we look forward to seeing your performance and will see you there.

When asked about the concert, Cristopher, also a choir student, told me that it is going to be pressuring because they have more songs than usual. When asked about his experience performing, Cristopher said “I have experience with everything… I still get stage fright cause you know people scary, they are scary, they are mean.” I can 100% back that up. Cristopher revealed that some pieces that they’ll perform are Silent night, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Feliz Navidad, and more. As for his closing statement he had to say “for the kids reading this don’t join choir unless you really want to, go explore the world, join AP classes, just do what you want to do man don’t do *rugs.” 

That is all for today. So please, if you’ve got some time, come and cheer our future artists.

Students practice singing to get ready to perform.