Lotus Takes 2nd Place at State Championship


The Meteors lined up before the game.

The Lotus boys varsity soccer team won second place in the state championship against Vail Mountain on Saturday, November 12th, in a controversial game. Many students and staff believe that the game was not fairly judged, robbing the Meteors from first place.

“Lotus did enough to win the championship,” said Coach Jackson, who believes refs made unfair calls.

Despite the many circumstances that stood against Lotus, they did their best and put their best effort on the field.

Lotus managed to maintain the lead for the first half of the game, with the score being 1-0. In the second half, yellow cards were given to Lotus and led to Vail’s goal, making it 1-1. With a lot of sketchy calls being made against the Meteors, Lotus’s morale was brought down. A corner kick was given and Lotus failed to finish the opportunity which led to a breakaway by Vail and they finished their opportunity, making it 2-1. Lotus pushed numbers up to the attack but were unlucky.

“You win some and you lose some,” Fredy Peraza stated. “We were doubted by many people. Many people said we wouldn’t even make playoffs. We faced all odds and made it to the state championship game. I am proud to represent Lotus and wear these colors. Being able to share the field with an amazing group of players who together we fought to the final whistle. Losing is part of the beautiful sport. We can’t choose how to lose, but we can choose how to come back and prepare to win again. So tune in a year from now at the same time and same place.”

Junior, Fredy Peraza, hyping up the crowd.

JV player Mohamed Amin Feysal Iman, who watched the game, praised the varsity team, saying, “We did exceptional–especially when people were doubting us in the beginning.”

As the season has come to an end, the school honors the varsity team for the hard work, dedication, brotherhood and amazing skills they have shown this season. Though their trophy was silver rather than gold, we have to congratulate them. We look forward to them taking the first place spot next year.

Lotus boys defending their half.