New Policy: Student IDs Required To Be Worn Everyday 


Janet Bajikijay

Mr. Watson showing off his ID

Lotus School for Excellence has created new policies dealing with Student IDs. They are:

  • Student IDs are to be worn from 8:00 am-3:20 pm during school hours.
  • Students should wear IDs on their lanyards around students’ neck.
  • Student IDs are now a requirement being counted as Dress code and will be checked for daily.

Mr. Watson explains more about this policy in his post on Schoology:

“The goal was to have the IDs in place from the beginning of this school year, but due to scheduling challenges with LifeTouch, we were not able to have photos taken until later in the year. ID’s support students with:

  • Safety. A student with an ID becomes immediately identifiable in real-time by any team member (substitute, support staff, supporting admin, etc.). This is especially important during emergencies or safety-related events that may involve those who may not normally interact with the student to be able to coordinate support.
  • Any intruders will be easily recognized as NOT having a school-issued ID. Hallway scans can streamline the immediate identification of someone present not affiliated with Lotus.
  • The barcode is compatible with the cafeteria and will allow for immediate checkout by scanning the barcode.
  • The barcode is compatible with LobbyGuard and will allow students to check in or out late or early, and will support Juniors and Seniors with check-in and check-out for off-campus lunch.”


Students make sure to wear IDs at all times! 

Starting on Monday December 5, 2022 consequences will begin if IDs are not worn! 

  •   Verbal Warning and Name taken down
  •   Parent Notifications 
  •   Detention, Saturday School
A Lotus student wearing their ID correctly. (Janet Bajikijay)

Several students have compared the current ID situation to that of last year. There are several, conflicting views regarding the new policy. Certain students explained how they generally enjoyed the overall quality of the new IDs seeing how it appeared more professional compared to previous years. Others strongly dislike how their photos were taken for their new IDs. Students who wished to remain anonymous had this to say,

“Better than last year, but I’m okay with wearing it.” 

“No, I don’t like it, but it is better than last year. It’s fine though.” 

They describe how it’s not their favorite thing to have to put on, but these students aren’t against IDs. Certain students explained how they disliked having to wear an ID showing their face all day, while others don’t mind it at all. A student interviewed explained, “I don’t mind it although it’s not my favorite thing to have to wear around my neck.” 

Lotus administrators and deans explained how wearing IDs beneficially promote school safety, simplify office check-in and lunch, alongside other essential benefits as highlighted in the morning announcements and Schoology posts. 

Students are encouraged to ask staff with questions regarding these new policies.

If you don’t have an ID and haven’t received it, make sure to contact Mr. Watson and fill out the ID support form ASAP which can be found under this link: