Photo from @sweetandsimplebakeshop, Mrs. Harper’s amazing company you can check out on Instagram
Photo from @sweetandsimplebakeshop, Mrs. Harper’s amazing company you can check out on Instagram

Fun Activities to do During Winter!

Activities that everyone and anyone will enjoy during the chilly season.

December 6, 2022

Winter has arrived! Everyone should take their chance to play in the snow and enjoy these cold days. There are many activities that you can do during this season. These might not be for everyone, but giving them a try won’t hurt. 


1. Skiing and Snowboarding

Ms. Matthews and her partner on the slopes!








Two popular snow activities are skiing and snowboarding because of the thrill people get. They are fun activities for kids and adults alike. However, make sure to take lessons from a ski instructor to obtain proper direction and prevent injuries. It is always fun to learn something new and nothing will warm you up faster than going 25 MPH down a snow covered hill!

2. Ice Skating

Senior Gabriela Macias ice skating with friends and family.

Ice skating is also a very popular winter activity. Aside from being fun, ice skating has a lot of health benefits  from working out every muscle of the body to relieving stress. According to Harvard Medical School, ice skating can help burn off 200 calories in just an hour. If you have never skated before there’s always classes offered to you. Or just winging it could be fun! Everyone falls for the first time!





3. Baking

A Christmas Themed 3D Edible Structure built by Ms. Harper. Check out her company on Instagram @sweetandsimplebakeshop

No matter how bad your baking is, it is always fun to bake with your family or friends. It strengthens your relationship with family and friends. You can try out baking new things or other country’s treats. Even if you don’t like it, at least you tried and spent your time trying something new. Here are some things you can bake: Nutella Cinnamon Rolls, Bread Pudding Pie, Chocolate Stromboli, Ginger cookies and so many more. Baking helps you build your confidence and relieves stress.





4. Decorating for the holidays

The Main Office decorated for the holidays!

Decorating is always fun, and it is even more entertaining when you do it with your loved ones. Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree or shopping for traditional clothes for Kwanzaa or Hanukkah candles, it’s the idea of waiting for the big day to come that makes us thrilled.





What are your favorite things to do in the winter?

There are many other activities like shopping, enjoying movie nights, crafting, etc. Let us know your favorite winter activities below!

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    Aurehzu HarperDec 16, 2022 at 2:46 pm

    These are all great ideas! Thank you so much for the feature!