Hurricane Michael Destroys Lives

October 25, 2018

It seems hurricanes have become more dangerous and frequent in previous years. The most recent disaster was Hurricane Michael, which hit Florida on October 11, 2018.

Search and rescue emergency teams, the Red Cross, first responders, and even prison inmates have been working hard to provide aid to the several hard-hit states.

The destructive Category Four storm unleashed high winds and heavy rain. Not only has the hurricane left over 1.3 million homes and businesses without power, but 29 out of 39 individuals who have died from the hurricane were killed by high winds that the hurricane produced.

Photo taken by (Glenn Fawcett/US Customs and Border Protection).

The Hurricane ended its path on the North Carolina shore. The damage left behind is disastrous with millions of houses ripped from their foundations. Hospitals, schools, and streets are in poor conditions. Life for the individuals as they know it has been forever altered and left many people thinking all they could do is pray for things to get better. So it is up to us to show our support in any way possible.

The hospitals around the Hurricane’s path have partial electricity and nurses have to wear plastic bags on their shoes because the floors are flooded. The government has placed survivors into much-needed shelters, but with conditions of the current homes and neighborhoods, it might take a while before they are able to go back to their┬ánatural conditions.

Many individuals have stepped up and are helping those affected by Hurricane Michael in this crucial time of need. If you, too, would like to show your support and love, please visit this site to learn more.

Also visit here to view live updates of the event.

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