Astro Kids Mentorship Program Creating Positive Change



Astro Kids is a program that was started by Ms. Martin and Ms. Brauhn last year to provide mentorship and support to middle schoolers. It is run by the members of the National Honors Society (NHS) and is becoming an established LSE tradition. The program consists of mentors who meet with their mentees once a week. Before they meet, mentors first grab a binder from Ms. Brauhn’s room and then go to their mentee’s classroom. 

Arleth Guzman playing Uno to bond with her mentee.

During their time together, they have time to discuss homework, discuss how to grow academically, and discuss whatever their mentee wishes, serving as a beneficial support system.  The program is very student-run, as mentees and mentors can choose to use classrooms, the halls, or go outside for fresh air.

Ms. Martin, the NHS Coordinator, commented, “Sometimes it is hard to be a middle schooler and teachers are great supporters, but can’t always be there at 100%. Meanwhile, high schoolers can be seen as a role model which many upperclassmen look up to.” 

Ms. Brauhn further expands on the program’s intentions. She explains, “The goal in this program is to not only benefit mentees but mentors as well. The idea is for middle school students to make them feel comfortable asking upperclassmen for help and seeing them as their friend. On the other hand, high school students make sure their mentee knows they are there for them and can help them out if they are struggling.  High schoolers will also strengthen their communication skills, gain leadership skills, and grow empathy.”

Daggim Desta and his mentee working on homework
Ryan Matthews looking over his mentee’s work.

Mentors from Astro Kids had this to say about their experiences:

Johni (11th grade):

“I met with my student and she is very sweet, but doesn’t seem like she needs a lot of help. However, I am here to be her friend and just stand by if she ever needs to come to me and ask for help.” 

Kimrose  (11th grade):

“You’ll learn how to be a better helper as a resource and support system for others. I met with my mentee, had a nice introductory conversation to get to know each other, and talked about the areas my mentee needed help in.”

Carlos (12th grade):

“It’s a really good program. I never got a mentor when I was in middle school, so this is a good way to help students at this age by giving them advice and help that I was never given. It will be a way for middle schoolers to learn new things and get to do new activities.” 

Emran (11th grade):

“The Astro Kids program is a great idea by the school and the people in charge. It’s a good idea because a lot of middle schoolers, especially at that age, have some type of issues they don’t know how to manage. This program can help them with that. It’s like having an older sister or a brother, they kind of take care of you and help you with your homework. It’s like learning while you are having fun, so kids can have a social and academic life.”

If you are interested in being mentored or becoming a mentor, reach out to Ms. Brauhn or Ms. Martin!