No More Waiting: Girls’ Basketball is Back!



The Lotus girls’ basketball season has officially begun. And despite some losses, hopes remain high for the girls’ basketball season this year. With the girls making conferences for the past 3 years and winning best coaches, the pressure is on for this year’s team to similarly achieve great things.

The season started with the yearly trip to Meeker, which was a great bonding experience for the team and revealed some areas that need work.  Sadly, all 3 games were losses, but the team says they learned a lot from the experience. Through the games, the girls learned how to work together and understand each other’s pain and frustration on the court. Coach Chris said, “ The locker room talk after the Meeker loss was my favorite part of the trip. There were real raw emotions that were shed and it let me know that the girls actually care.” We all hope that the games after this are all successful and the lessons learned from Meeker are implemented into the rest of the season.

The most unique aspect about the girls this year is their chemistry both on and off the court. Coach Chris said, “ The girls this year differ from the others because of their friendship and closeness to each other.” Basketball requires you to spend hours with your other teammates, so naturally being close with the team and having those friends make it easier. 

Stay tuned for future games and cheer our girls on to success!

The girls’ basketball team on their annual Meeker trip. (Chris Nguyen)