Young Lotus Meteors: A Look into Middle School Athletics

The future of our school’s athletics is in good hands.

This year, the middle school Meteors have the highest participation rate in sports. It seems like high school sports could take a couple of notes from the middle schoolers. Let’s take a look at middle school athletics so far!

Middle school boys soccer team.


The middle school boys’ soccer team ended their season with a smile as they left the field following their playoff game on Saturday, October 8th. Sadly, the guys did not succeed, but they are determined to work even harder the following season in order to get the best results. Abdinasir Hassan, a 7th grader, states, “I had the best time and the most amazing experience. We’ll use the playoff defeat as fuel for next year.” Stay tuned for the 2023-24c middle boys soccer season!

Abdinasir Hassan taunting the opposition after achieving a hat-trick (three goals).


The middle school girls’ volleyball team also finished its season since its playoff event was held on Saturday, October 8th. Seventh grade Basheera Thiam discusses her favorite part of the season saying, “My favorite part of the season was the trips to away games. They were very exciting and I’m thrilled that I joined the team.” Although they endured a season full of highs and lows, our young meteors have a very promising future.

Middle School girls volleyball team and coach’s

Girls’ Basketball

This year, the middle school girl’s basketball team was coached by Mr. Wells and Mr. Pearson. According to the girls, it took some time to get to know new teammates because the squad featured a high proportion of newcomers. Coaches Pearson and Wells are thrilled with the team they had this year and are looking forward to what lies ahead. Make sure to be on the lookout for the 2023-24 middle school girls basketball team.

Mr. Pierson, the basketball coach for both middle school girls’ and boys’ basketball.

Boys’ Basketball

The middle school boys basketball team has finally started their season as they had their open gym on Tuesday, December 14. The gym was full of energy and excitement as the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders scrimmaged. Ayuub Hassan, an eighth grader, discusses his goals for the team. He claims “I’m incredibly eager about the season. We have been preparing for this season since last year, and we are confident that we will succeed.” Zi’aier Mckinney, another eighth grader, adds, “I’m so sure we’re going to win; we have all the pieces to bring it home, and you’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it.” I’m hoping you’re as prepared as the boys are for their opening game.