Why You Should Join Journalism! 

Journalism is in Need of Members for 2nd Semester

December 19, 2022

After a two year hiatus, the Lotus Meteor Shower is finally back and running with a journalism class available to take here at school. This class is available to take during 7th period for all highschoolers and can count towards your Elective or Computer Science Credit depending on what you need for graduation requirements. 

This class holds several roles and positions to choose from and is entirely student-run. With our variety of departments and areas that you can work in, you can demonstrate your interests and use your voice as a part of our student body’s representation. Journalism is a class of teamwork, dedication, and creativity as we are currently looking for talented and skilled writers. 

Here is what members of our team had to say:

Ms. Khadija (Advisor): “If students are passionate about writing, creating school culture, attending events, and just being creative, they should join because they can have a lot of fun and gain some really valuable real-world skills.  This class is great because it’s pretty much completely run by students that work together in teams.”

Newal Nasir (Managing Editor): “ It would be lovely to see different faces in journalism because it feels like there are a lot of stories that could be told in Lotus, and by joining, you are allowing yourself to tell those stories. This classroom is cool because students get to go out and interview people. They have badges and radios, so it’s super professional, and they also get to hear really cool stories.”

Eman Adam (Copy Editor): “It’s a great opportunity to meet more people, experience school culture, and just enjoy yourself overall. All the people in this class are really interesting and fun to be around, and when you’re interviewing new people, you get so many more different perspectives.”

Janet Bajikijay (Photographer): “It’s a way to interact and meet more people. If you ever had any sort of passion for journalism or liked any jobs that were related to journalism, then you should join. It should be able to provide you with experience before you decide whether or not this is truly for you. Everyone in the classroom has a chill vibe; it’s a very calm space, so if you’re interested in joining journalism, you should!”

Have you been enjoying our recent publications? If you are interested in joining our team, reach out to Ms. Brauhn and Ms. Khadija.

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