Winter Formal

Let's take a Look Into the Memories from this Night!

December 21, 2022

The Middle School Winter Formal was held in the secondary gym on December 14, 2022. It was a night of music, fun, and creating unforgettable memories.

Ms. Matthews was the head coordinator of this event. She states that planning this took a very long time.  It was a lot to think about like what decorations were needed to fit the theme, how many volunteers and chaperones were needed for the event, making sure we would have appropriate music, how students would check in at the entrance, proper advertising so many students would show up and getting enough profit from this event. Many students already love Ms. Matthews, saying she deserves all the credit for this spectacular night. Ms. Matthew responded with, “The middle school student council helped a lot and a lot of  teachers as well.”

Ms. Matthews wanted to recognize a few student council members who made this event magical.


She helped with the decorations with the balloons and  inflated all of them. Naylin says, “It was a good experience, the music too and twinkle lights set the mood for the  theme. I would say Ms. Matthews worked really hard and gave us an opportunity for us middle school to have this dance. I think Ms. Matthew deserves most of the credit in putting this idea to action.”


He helped in all areas that needed help during the event. Julian said he enjoyed the event, “The experience was great!” “It was really nice being in this.”


He helped by making decorations and helped all over the gym trying to get everything set for the start of this event. “The music was really good, there was a DJ, there were a lot of LED lights, some people danced, some didn’t, but it was a good memory because friends were there. Ms. Matthews helped put a lot of effort into this.”

The middle school dance overall was a HUGE success, many middle schoolers enjoyed the event, and in the near future, they’re hoping for another event dedicated for only middle school!

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