Generations of Sports: Staff Athletes

Lotus staff share memories of being high school athletes!

Teachers, like many other students during their high school years, were athletes! Many of the teachers at Lotus participated in sports during their high school years. It is safe to say that many of our student athletes look up to the staff here at Lotus. 

In high school, Oscar Romagnoli, also referred to as Mr. Romagnoli, participated in three sports. He played rugby, soccer, and lacrosse. When questioned about the sports he participated in in high school, Mr. Romagnoli responded. “I captained my club soccer team and played rugby for a different high school because my high school didn’t have a rugby squad. My senior year was the first year that my school had a lacrosse team.” For those student athletes or those who are eager to join athletics, Mr. Romagnoli had the following words to say. “ Find something you are really passionate about. Use the passion and love for the sport to motivate you and practice. Never be frightened to go after your goals. Maintain a healthy balance between school and athletics; always make time for assignment completion and ongoing athletic training.”

When Ms. Tatum played high school soccer, she helped her school achieve a first by advancing to the third round

 of the playoffs.  She was inspired to follow in their footsteps and make her mark in high school soccer by growing up in a family that shared her love and enthusiasm for the game. “I fell in love with the sport of soccer the moment I stepped foot on the field. Winning trophies, competing as a team for the same objective, and the very family based environment is something that soccer brought and I loved it.”

Ms. Tatum playing soccer in high school.

When she was asked about her favorite memory in high school sports she stated, “My favorite moment was when my school advanced to the third round of the playoffs for the first time ever. It’s funny because I was suspended from playing in that game after receiving two yellow cards in a game just before our rivalry game.” A message from Ms. Tatum to all student-athletes, “ Stick with it, I think it is important to be a part of something other than academics, and a part of a team and a family like that. It is hard to manage school and sports. You definitely have to prioritize your time, go to school and get as much work done in school then go to practice and finish with doing more homework at home.”

Mr. Jackson most known as coach Jack, was also a student athlete. Mr. Jackson participated in multiple sports as a student-athlete. According to Mr. Jackson, “I was a versatile athlete. I took part in basketball, football, track and field, and soccer.” Mr. Jackson’s response when asked why he participated in sports in high school was, “Sports was something that was ingrained in me from a young age. I genuinely credit sports for keeping me out of trouble. I enjoyed the atmosphere that athletics created and I love the brotherhood it came with.”

When questioned about the five traits that Lotus athletes need to excel in being student athletes, he responded, “You need to be honest, having integrity, having a strong character, and being passionate of the sport, and respect.” He continued, “If you follow those five things, you’ll succeed in everything you do.”

You can’t forget that you’re a student before an athlete, was a regular phrase used by the staff. As a result, if you are a student athlete here at Lotus, pay attention to the advice of our faculty because they have been in your shoes.

Mr. Jackson, the athletic directory at LSE.
Mr. Jackson as a student athlete.