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Bowie on the right, Teddy in the middle, and Bruce on the left.

The Pet Feature: A Lotus Exclusive

Meet Bowie, Bruce, and Teddy!

January 24, 2023

The pet feature is a new exclusive series where we get to know about the animals that are part of the live’s of our students and staff. The first guests on the pet feature are the three dogs of Mr. Raymond Sohns. Mr. Sohns is a new member of the Lotus community. He joined Lotus as a U.S Government teacher for high school and a Social Studies teacher for 7th grade.

7th grade history teacher, Mr. Sohns (Milko Sado )

Mr. Sohns has three dogs named Teddy, Bowie, and Bruce. Teddy is a Lhasa Apso mix. “A Lhasa Apso is a dog breed that originated in ancient Tibet.” They are fluffy dogs covered with luscious fur. A fun fact about Lhasa Apsos is that they were bred to be guard dogs and weigh about 13-25 pounds. Mr. Sohns has had Teddy for nine years now.  

While Teddy is a small Lhasa Apso, Bowie is a big thick coated Husky. Bowie was brought home four years ago. Bowie is a big husky with a white and black thick coat. Huskies are known to be intelligent and independent breeds. 

According to an article on this breed, Particularly in warm weather, Siberian huskies can be diggers because they like to create cool places to lie.”

Among these two fluffy dogs is their brother Bruce. Bruce is a small hound dog. Bruce It has a black and brown fur. Unlike Teddy and Bowie, Bruce has been with Mr. Sohns the shortest time. He has been with his family for only a year.

When asked about any special skill these dogs exhibit, Mr. Sohns states, “The only trick my dogs can do is when a fire truck or ambulance goes by, they howl in unison.” This trick shows the bond between the siblings. 

Thank you Mr. Sohns for allowing us to meet your furry friends.

What kinds of pets do you have? Let us know and they might be featured next!

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