Take a Trip to the Weightroom!

A new opportunity has been given to secondary students; students now receive the privilege of working out and building their physical education. 

January 25, 2023

Weightlifting is a sport that is not as popular at Lotus compared to other sports. In fact, many people can be fearful of it since it is a sport that requires a strong mentality in order to push your body to its limits. It requires long conditioning and continuous work. It is quite apparent why people are fearful of it; weightlifting is not for the weak. That being said, Lotus is a school that provides its students with a vast variety of activities to allow them to explore what they are interested in. 

Shihab Feysal using the weightroom equipment.

At Lotus, there are many sports open to secondary students: basketball, soccer, volleyball, track, cross country, and other discontinued sports we hope to come back! Luckily, the school provides the equipment to pursue whatever they may be interested in. Many Lotus students, such as Shihab Feysal Iman, are passionate about weightlifting and other bodybuilding activities. Shihab, a physical education student at Lotus, says, “I do like weightlifting. It is something that I do outside of school. I’m glad that I am able to do it at school as well.”

Teachers and coaches at Lotus stress the importance of taking care of the body, whether you are an athlete or not. Gym Teacher Mr. Romagnoli says, “Weightlifting is good because it gives the students a chance to work out and learn new things.” High school students of all grades are able to have this experience. 

Mr. Romagnoli, physical education teacher at Lotus.

The room includes a variety of individual weights; ranging from 5 lb to 50 lbs. If they so choose, students can also combine weights and lift even heavier. Students are seen utilizing the room during gym sessions and our student-athletes use it after school to better their performance.

Since the weight room has been opened to students, gym class has become more lively. Students like Eman Adam say, “Gym class has always been the same and now that we have this new addition, I feel we are being opened to more opportunities.”

Now that we have more sports being opened to students, we hope to have a diverse variety of sports and to bring back previous sports offered. 


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