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Senior Elimination Game

Class of 2023 Laptop Giveaway Challenge

February 1, 2023

This is a giveaway for high school seniors only!! Seniors will be competing in a game trying to eliminate their classmates as the last man standing will be hailed as the winner. The prize? One brand new laptop! The selected winner will be awarded a laptop for beneficial use during college or wherever they go in the next chapter of their lives following graduation. This idea was originally proposed by Mr. Runner who gave us a sneak peak of the action.

Each participant will be assigned a target being another senior classmate. In order to eliminate another member, they must follow a set of written rules given either daily or weekly by Mr. Runner. Eligible students must record a video as documented evidence proving when they’ve successfully eliminated their target. Each time a senior eliminates their target, they get points.

There will intentionally be rules for safety protocols for participants to follow, but be assured that this wouldn’t limit the thrilling action. There will be safety zones emplaced where students can and cannot go; depending on context, there will be different rules to play by to stay safe. In addition, this game can be played anywhere except school grounds. Seniors will have to keep their guard up, strategize, and plan.

Sequentially, seniors would be receiving an email from the “Catcher Games.” Seniors are to read the email’s instructions, download the app, and once everyone is connected, the game will be launched. As the end of the school year approaches, this game is meant to serve as an enjoyable send off for seniors to have a fun, lasting experience! 

Senior representatives (and presidents) excited to get this game going!

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