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Janet Bajikijay

Middle school is happy to finally wear hoodies again

Dress Code Update: Hoodies are Back!

The Lotus dress code was updated for the second quarter, to the joy of the students.

February 1, 2023

Dress code is a controversial topic in most schools. Lotus School for Excellence has had a few major changes to our dress code this year that did not sit well with some students. One of those changes was regarding hoodies and at the beginning of the school year, when students were informed that hoodies were banned to wear inside the school building.

Initially, admin explained that these changes were implemented to address school safety concerns due to increased violence present in schools across the country. However, this dress code change was updated and announced to the students on the last day of the first semester by Mr.Williams during the December fire drill. This sudden update–which allowed students to wear hoodies as long as it was the same color as their uniform–was obviously great news for students as they applauded the announcement and erupted into cheers. 

This sudden change leads us to question whether or not other policies could be changed or reversed as well. We interviewed students as well as administration to hopefully answer some of your questions. 

From a student’s perspective: 

When asked about the new update on dress code [hoodies are now allowed] sophomore Handakina Tsegaye said, “I think the new updates are reasonable and are a pathway to improve our priorities as a school and administration.” 

When asked about desired future changes to the dress code she responded, “One thing I would change is the dress code policy regarding ripped jeans. I think that it is nor reasonable and doesn’t have a justifiable, egalitarian approach to its implementation.” 

Handakina, like her classmates, believes admin’s decisions regarding dress code was sensible; “I do think that the admin made a good decision in regards. I think it’s a pathway to a more reasonable decision.”

Several other students interviewed generally held similar opinions being thrilled with hoodies returning, but held unique and contrasting views towards existing policies.

From an administrator’s perspective:

Mr. Watson, as the dean, is in charge of school policy enforcement and has thoughts on the updated policy. Although he directly couldn’t influence the policy as dean, he explained the situation from its given standpoint.

He explains, “Enforcement has been relatively easy because students agree with the decision of the board regarding hoodies; students seem to be compliant for the most part. We want students to have a voice with the dress code policy and would like to work on ways to have students voices to be heard on other policies that are in place.” 

Initially, the hoodie policy was set in place for school safety as administrators and staff could recognize intruders who wore hoodies, as Lotus students weren’t permitted to. As of now, the ID policy is what helped reinstate hoodies by addressing concerns of school safety and certifying the identity of students. 

Both policies that are set in place with the same goal in mind; the safety of the students and staff. The hoodie policy update is anticipated to carry on to next year, and hopefully we will get to hear more student, staff, and administrator perspectives on conflicting policies and school updates. 

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