Its dunking season with Caleb Bafukila (Kidus K)
Its dunking season with Caleb Bafukila

Kidus K

Get To Know: Caleb Bafukila

A look into exceptional senior Lotus athlete Caleb Bafukila.

February 1, 2023

The LSE Sports department is excited to announce the new series: Get to Know Lotus: Athlete Edition!

This week’s feature is Senior Caleb Bafukila.


Caleb’s love for sports and athleticism started when he was still a kid. “The first sport that I fell in love with was football. I started playing when I was 7 and I stopped when I was ten because I had multiple concussions. I then started playing basketball. I was in 7th grade, and I played up until I was 16, my junior year. I started track in my junior year, it started off as a bet with my friend, and I ended up falling in love with the sport. I had a couple teams reach out to me to play club and I’ve been competing with them since.” (Caleb)


Caleb has been playing sports at Lotus since middle school (2017).



Caleb trains all year round. He takes small breaks, about 1 week and the longest being 2 weeks. His training includes lots of strength and stamina training. He works on his spurts and his technique. He trains every other day or everyday.




Day to Day

Caleb wakes up around 6 or 7 and he goes out for a 1 mile run. If it is a race day then he doesn’t run. He then goes off to school and comes back home. After School he does his homework and some chores if needed. He either goes off to practice or he has a race. On his race days he has a heavy breakfast and usually nothing else. 


Making sacrifices

“To be an athlete means to make sacrifices and follow a strict discipline schedule. Athletes need to have a strong mentality in order to put your body through tough training and strain. To be an athlete means to represent your school, country, background and more; to have a great attitude towards your sport and competitors.” (Caleb) 


Plans for the future 

Caleb is in excellent shape to make it D1 for any of the sports he plays. Caleb does plan on going into sprinting when he goes to college, but he is also planning on getting a degree in engineering. 

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