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Seniors Share Plans for Life After High School

Figuring out what to do after high school can be a challenge for a lot of students.

February 18, 2023

The discussion of what to do after high school has proven to be a difficult topic for most students. At Lotus, there are counselors and teachers that lead students through this decision. In an interview with two high school seniors, we get a glimpse of what they are planning to do after high school.


Hafsa Hassan

Senior Vice President Hafsa Hassan (Milko Sado)

Following her final year at Lotus, Hafsa has decided to seek a higher level of education. When in college, the major she is interested in pursuing is criminology. Criminology is the study of crimes and the behaviors of the criminals. 

According to an article about criminology, this major dives into why crimes are committed, the effects they have on the community, and the ways they can be prevented. When asked about why she is deciding to take this course, she stated, “I am choosing this course because I am terrified of serial killers, so I want to study what prompts them to behave like that.” She has shown interest in this field of work from a young age. 


She stated, “ I have always wanted to go into fields like law enforcement areas.”  She also stated that a second major she is considering is history. “I like knowing things that happened in the past that led to the present.


Lidiya Haile

Senior Lidiya Haile (Kimrose Bassra)



Lidiya, also in her last year at Lotus, is planning on attending college. The majors she is interested in taking are biology and business. When asked why she was taking these majors, she stated, “I want to do business and also be a psychiatrist to help people with mental health issues.” Lidiya is planning on attending a university outside of Colorado but is still unsure of her final decision.







Kimberly Aguilera Baez

Senior Kimberly Aguilera Baez (Kimrose Bassra )

Kimberly has decided to continue her post-secondary education to become a dental assistant. She knew she wanted to take this career path since her junior year of high school. She has decided to attend Pima Medical Institute, and will spend 7 ½ months there studying to become a dental assistant. Although Kimberly is unclear on why she chose this career she expresses her long term goal with the career: “I want to become a dental assistant first, and later study to become an actual dentist, I want to take baby steps,” she says. Kimberly wants to specialize in helping younger kids with their teeth, because the importance clean teeth has on confidence; she wants to give them this confidence. 


Even though the decision to seek a higher education can be difficult, Lotus has teachers and staff who can work with you to do so. Hopefully these seniors gave you some ideas on what you may want to pursue!

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