It’s Time For a New LSE Library

Popular demand for a new library to be added to LSE.

February 13, 2023

Lotus has made many wonderful improvements and renovations in the past years to boost the school’s generalized quality as seen in the renewal of the auditorium, bathrooms, (etc). A popular idea as of now, is that it’s time for our library to be added onto this list. 

Having a complete library would pose many benefits to not only Lotus students, but also towards Lotus faculty. With more books, students’ interest to read would increase due to availability and diversity of books. Not to mention, it would also create a great studying environment.

Students express their concerns with the library’s current state. “As of now, the library is literally just a shed full of books and that kind of sucks,” says George in 7th grade. Other students shared why they believe that the school having its own library would benefit not only themselves, but also other students.

Students voice their concerns regarding the LSE Library. (Left to right: George, Leo, Courtney, and Handakina) Milko Sado

“I like reading, but how do I get books with no library? Last year they had a shed…It would be nice to have a little room dedicated to having books depending on each grade level and genre.” (Leo Navarro 11th grade).

“It would be beneficial for us to have a library because it would be beneficial for students to read outside of their classes, find books that they are interested in, as well as access to computers to do homework and things like that.” (Courtney Bauer 12th grade) 

“I do think that it would be beneficial to the students in order for us to read books and further develop our critical thinking, it is very important for us to read outside of our class, and the school should provide that for us.” (Handakina Tsegaye 10th grade). 

Seeing how renovations for the auditorium are wrapping up, when students were asked if they could choose the next project for Lotus, several mentioned establishing a functioning library. Their decision was based on the fact that it would help them study more and allow them to expand their reading according to our responses. 

Teachers have also shared what they anticipate will happen with the LSE library. 

Mr. Williams, executive director of Lotus School for Excellence Milko Sado

Do you think it would be beneficial for there to be a library at Lotus for students? Why or why not?

Mrs. Hartz: “I think it would be wonderful for our students to have a library at Lotus! It would be great for students to have a safe space to access books, technology, and to collaborate together”. 

Mr. Williams: “Yes, I think it would be very beneficial for there to be a library at Lotus again for students. While much research can be conducted using online databases now, there is something advantageous about students being able to check out books for enhanced literacy as well as spending time in a library developing their research skills”. 

Mrs. Hartz, elementary English teacher Milko Sado

Do you think Lotus will open a library in later years/ construct a library? Why or why not?

Mrs. Hartz: “I am unsure if Lotus will open a library in the future, but I’m sure our school board and administrators would do so if they were able!”

Mr. Williams: “Yes, I would love to open a library in the future (hopefully not too far down the road). In the past several years we have had a construction project that produced a new science wing, and now another project that has resulted in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). I look forward to the day when we can have a dedicated space for a spacious library again!”

As it has been mentioned, hopefully not in the very far future Lotus will open a library for all of the students in school where they can hone their reading, writing, and research skills.

The current LSE library.
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