Students enjoying the super bowl commercials in study hall (Milko Sado )
Students enjoying the super bowl commercials in study hall

Milko Sado

Super Bowl Commercials worth Re-watching! 

Or are worth watching for the first time. This year’s best SB commercials!

February 21, 2023

Superbowl Sunday is the day when everyone tunes in to watch the game and halftime performances, only to completely forget about it the next day. While the Super Bowl hype may not immediately die the following day, it definitely begins to die slowly after the game finishes. It’s almost scary how everyone moves on from it fast! 

However, here at the A&E department, we believe that it is most important to keep the hype train going! “How are we going to do that?” you all may ask. By going over the best commercials that aired this year (it’s in the title :/). There were quite a handful of funny and impactful commercials that we got to see this year. And if you didn’t watch the Super Bowl this year, then you have to check these commercials out! 

Here are the Best Super Bowl Commercials:  

1. Sketchers
The Sketchers x Snoop Dogg Big Game Commercial

In this commercial, we get to see what Snoop Dogg (probably) does in his day-to-day activities. All while wearing stylish Skechers shoes that match his outfits. This commercial comes with multiple jokes that will definitely make you at least chuckle. I am so confident that I’ll bet you a pair of Skechers

2. Uber One

Artist, Diddy, is requested to write a “jingle” for an Uber One commercial. As the audience, we then travel to the inside of his head where he imagines a studio. There he casts a bunch of vocalists singing a couple of hit songs with Uber One terminology. Psst… One of the songs they parody is What Does the Fox Say? This is yet another funny commercial that will actually get stuck inside your head. 

3. Downy
Downy Unstopables Super Bowl Commercial: Call Me Downy McBride

Hey speaking of clothes, remember Downy? Pretty sure we’ve all tried it at least once. Anyhow, this human being decides he likes Downy so much after trying it, he goes out of his way to make sure everyone can experience Downy. This commercial is yet another hilarious one to watch, especially the ending. Don’t forget to do your laundry! 

4. Amazon
Saving Sawyer | Amazon’s Big Game Ad

This one’s for you dog lovers out there! Here we follow a dog by the name of Sawyer, seeing how he goes day to day living his life as a dog. But when his family leaves, he decides that the best way to solve his boredom is to create chaos. His owners, unhappy with the mess they come home to, decide to do something. What do they do? They sell the dog on Amazon. Just kidding! Watch the video to find out if you really want to know.

5. Doritos
Jack’s New Angle

Being a Doritos commercial, it has to do something with triangles. What do we get this year? Jack Harlow finding potential in the triangle instrument. This has to be one of the better commercials of all time, filled with funny scenarios and jokes. It also goes over the life cycle of a music sensation! From the beginning when a song/sensation starts to become popular to the nerve-racking moment of being in an award ceremony. This ad perfectly depicts the story of a song or artist becoming popular. Oh! And Doritos taste pretty good.  

6. PopCorners
PopCorners Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial

Many of you might know the hit show Breaking Bad. Either from watching cable or watching memes. Well for those fans out there, PopCorners was able to get a couple of the original actors to play their roles again in this commercial. The ad parodies scenes that occurred in the original show. Watch Walter White and Jesse Pinkman back in action in this commercial. I would suggest watching this if you are a fan of the show as it is more directed at them. 

7. The Farmer’s Dog
“Forever”: The Farmer’s Dog Super Bowl Commercial

The last super bowl commercial that we would like to suggest is the “Forever” commercial from The Farmer’s Dog. This commercial takes us through the entire life of a young girl with her dog at her side. She eventually grows up to go to college. Whether, you have heard of this commercial, it is truly something that can be emotionally impacting as we all can relate to it. Even if you don’t have a dog, even if you don’t have a pet, we all similarly share the feeling of having someone be with you after many years and having to sadly depart from them. 

Did any of these commercials stand out to you? Did you find yourself laughing at them? Crying at them? A little bit of both? We hope that you most certainly enjoyed our selections for you all. There is no denying that companies did try to win you over with their commercials. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy it!

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