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October Letters to Nebula.

October Letters to Nebula.

Anonymous 1 – What do I do when I like a boy but my friend likes him as well and I don’t wanna hurt her feelings?

Anonymous 1: That is tough to answer. Let me ask you a question: Do you value your friendship more or this boy? The boy may not work out and he could come and go. He could also hurt your feelings with a possibility in a breakup. However, your friendship will, and that may last forever.

I would suggest speaking to your friend about this issue and work this out. And if this doesn’t work out, be the bigger person and let your crush go.


Anonymous 2 – How do I get into good colleges, such as Harvard or Yale?   

Dear Anonymous 2: To get into these two colleges, you must be a well-rounded student. Volunteering after-school, playing sports, and creating/participating clubs are some things that may help your application. Also, taking many AP classes to prepare for college-level courses you may take in the near future.

I would also encourage you to practice the SAT frequently to achieve the goal of getting in Ivy-League colleges. They score you need to get is 1520 on the SAT. That is a pretty high score, but you are in luck. You could take the SAT as many times as you wish and they would give a super score for your tests. For example, if you received a 700 in reading and language, but a 500 in math the first time and the second time around your were given a 500 in reading and writing but 670 in math, they would take your best test scores from both sections.

If you want more information, you should go to this source:


Anonymous 3 – How can I stop being shy?

Dear Anonymous 3: First, I will address some reasons why you may be shy and then I will give you some tip in overcoming your shyness.

Three main reasons why you may be shy are excessive self-consciousness, labeling, and a weak self-image. Ways to overcome your shyness are, know your strengths, stop labeling yourself, and try to avoid bullies and teases. You could also try and focus on your breathing to help your concentration.

If you want more tips got to this website:

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