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The Girls Soccer Team is Back! 

As the spring season arrives, the girls soccer teams returns more determined than ever for a great season

March 1, 2023


January 16 Pre-season turn out. 

After a two year gap the girls soccer team had its first season last year. Despite some setbacks (including not enough turn out, no pre-season, and more games than practices), they were still able to have a good season. This year they are back at it and determined to have an even better season. They had their first pre-season practice on January 26, and the season will officially begin on February 27.  If you want to join in on this journey you still can. Reach out to Mr. Pang via email or go to room 274. Show some school spirit! Bring a friend, enjoy your time, and support your school. The team will be having its first game on March 9 at 4:30 PM against Vail Christians. 

Team Interviews:

Kimberly (12th grade):“I have been playing since 7th grade, and I  want to finish my senior year with the full experience.” Her goal as an individual is to be a good leader.  Her goal towards the team is to have good communication and improve together. The expectation she has in mind for the girls  is for everyone to get along and have a good time. To any new members, she says, “You should try it out,  it is a fun sport and you have the opportunity to make new friends.”

Priscilla (11th grade): “I was a part of the team last year and I had upperclassmen who were my role models who taught me things, and I hope to do the same for our new players.”  Her goals are to double the wins from last year, to work as a team, to get united and get along. She tells any new members, “Don’t be afraid to join. We will let you join the group and be a part of the team.” 

Ashley (10th grade): She enjoys playing soccer. She wishes to get better at dribbling and to improve as a team throughout the season. “ I hope the team makes it to the final; I just want the team to grow together and have fun.” Her plan is to improve her soccer skills and help her other teammates in anything they struggle with and help improve as a group throughout the season. 

Leslie (10th grade): “Something I would say to someone who has been thinking of joining, but still hasn’t, is when thinking make sure you know this is something that you will not easily give up on because soccer takes you out both physically and mentally and sometimes it is hard to pull yourselves out of the slumps you might get yourself in. Although, I will tell you this when in those slumps I know that you will have teammates by your side that will keep rooting for you and pushing you because in this community of soccer we will let you know that you are not alone and will be with you encouraging and supporting you when you aren’t able to do so for yourself.” She hopes to learn patience and be encouraged to push herself beyond limitations. 

Samatha (9th grade): “I was on the soccer team last year in middle school and I really enjoyed it.” Her expectations/goals are to have a lot of communication and work together as a team.  “Overall its progress and we can learn as a team.”

Mr. Pang was interviewed and this is what he had to say:

Coach Pang
What did the turn out for pre-season look like? Were you happy with it?

“The turnout for this pre-season was solid. Weather, unfortunately, limited the number of times we were able to practice as a team, but a successful preseason is more than just on-field work. It is a time that allows us to gel as a team. We were able to establish communication and lay out our own expectations for the upcoming season. I was definitely pleased with the interest and commitment. The girls’ program is still in its infancy. This is only the second year of the program’s return, and only the first preseason I have been able to hold. I hope that we can have even more successful pre-seasons in the future.”

What are your expectations for the team this year?

“The expectations are multifaceted. As for results, I aim to win a state championship. That is always the goal. We lost some skillful and talented players, but I still expect us to improve on our results from last year. However, results are only what people on the outside see. I also expect to continue the work toward creating a program, not just a team. Facilitating an environment where our girls want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and realize the privilege of playing for something on the front of their jersey and not a name on the back, where the values within our team permeate into decisions made in everyday life to be model members of the community.”

“The last thought to add here is that it is easy to say ‘we are a family.’ You can put it on as many shirts as you want and cheer about it as much as you want, but what happens when players are put in positions where it is time to act like a family? Do they pick up their teammates when they are down, support each other on and off the field, and hold each other accountable not only when it’s easy but also when it is difficult? Those are my expectations.”

What do you wanna say to anyone who wants to join but is maybe scared they don’t have the skills?

“Come join! Talk to me! There are many members of the team who have never played before.  No matter your skill level, there is a place for you in the program. It is scary to take a risk and put yourself out there knowing you may not have the skill – knowing you may fail. Failure is ok. Failure is how we grow. You may not have the skill… yet, but your skills will improve if you put the work in. However, the beauty of team sports is that skill and ability is just one part of being on a team. If you are willing to take that risk, put yourself out there and join even though you know you might not have the skills, you are already demonstrating the character that will make you a valued member of the program.”


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    Ms. MartinMar 23, 2023 at 9:21 am

    Welcome back, girls soccer!! You are an incredible group!