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Janet Bajikijay

Day in the Life of Mr. Davis

Find out what he does for our Lotus community and more 

March 9, 2023

LSE, AURORA- Mr. Davis has become an essential part of our Lotus community, he has witnessed the changes Lotus has undergone since our school was founded and even before that. For those who don’t know, this is Mr. Davis’s last year as part of the Lotus faculty but he will still remain a part of this big family for many years to come even if he isn’t physically present. 

Mr. Davis arrived at Lotus before it was founded or made a school. He says, “My daughter started preschool here when it was still an Aurora Christian Learning Center (ACLC) and this was in the year 2006. In 2007, around that time frame, ACLC went out of business. They sold this building, the church, the entire school to Lotus and I was here ever since ACLC was a school and I’ve been here ever since in a volunteer status. I first came in the payroll in 2014, prior to that I was a volunteer so I’ve witnessed and seen everyone that’s here coming in or leave”. 

Mr. Davis is cultural ambassador here at Lotus, which, he says, “entails everything from A to Z”. He works with students, admin, and parents; he is in charge of supporting everyone. “Everything that comes up like monitoring recess, hallway monitoring, dealing with the lost and found, supporting teachers and staff with field trips and sporting events… you name it,” he says in his own words. 

Let’s take a look at his daily routines!

First, he takes care of traffic when students are being dropped off. “The very first thing in the morning is to make sure everyone is as safe as possible,” he says.

Afterwards, Mr. Davis’ day encompasses many things; he monitors the hallways, fills in as a substitute teacher, does recess/lunch duty and ends his day by helping with elementary and secondary student pick-up, ensuring parents are on their way. His routine revolves around making sure everyone is safe and secure on school grounds. 

Most Memorable Moment

As mentioned earlier, this is Mr. Davis’s last year being part of the Lotus staff. When asked what his most memorable moment at Lotus was, this is what he had to say. “About three years ago I had a massive heart attack, and I was in the hospital. I wasn’t expected to make it according to the doctors, and just the overwhelming support of the students and staff coming out to the hospital, writing cards, just trying to cheer me up…that really hit home for me because I was not expecting that.”

Mr. Davis’ Thank You Notes

Next time that you see Mr. Davis in the hallway, be sure to thank him for his constant efforts to ensure Lotus is a safe and welcoming environment! Mr. Davis will be missed dearly, but Lotus will forever be impacted by his everlasting support!

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