Photo by: Duncan
Photo by: Duncan

Tired all the Time? Try This! 

Coffee is the answer to all your troubles!

March 9, 2023

Aurora, CO – Hey you! Yeah, you! Are you tired of having to attend school every day? Tired of doing work all the time? Dealing with people all the time? Dealing with stress? Not sleeping enough? Try coffee!

Coffee is widely popular for a reason. Not only is it great tasting, but it also gives you an extra punch to start off your day or even continue your day. Don’t want that kick? Not a problem! Non-caffeinated coffee exists!

Now, this article is for coffee lovers, people who like coffee but want to try something new, or for those who haven’t dipped their taste buds in the dark brown sugary aqueous goodness. We are going over different types of coffee flavors that you should definitely try! If you don’t know how to make coffee at home, then hey! Go on and pay a little visit to our coffee shop neighbor. I forgot its name, but it’s the one that has green all over, is overpriced, and is obviously not popular or overrated or anything. 

Should I drink Coffee? 

Yes! What kind of question is that?! Unless you have some type of allergy, I personally recommend drinking coffee! You don’t have to drink it every day or at a specific time, but whenever you crave it you should definitely drink some. It should be healthy as long as you don’t pour excessive amounts of creamer or sugar, or have too many cups.* If you have tried it before and haven’t liked it, keep trying! Coffee from all kinds of places tastes different. A tip is that homemade coffee is usually better than a shop like Starbucks or McDonald’s. The best part of coffee? There are a whole ton of flavors to add to spice (or sweeten) things up!

*Of course, check with your doctor first!

Wait! There’s Coffee FLAVORS!?? 

Shocker right? We understand that you may not like the traditional black coffee with a spoon or two of sugar, so feel free to try coffee with flavors. Although they might be more unhealthy, they definitely make your tastebuds dance and satisfy that sweet tooth. Be careful, though; the more sugary it is, the more calories it’ll have. You know, if you actually care about that stuff. 

But what types of flavors are there? What we found from was that some popular coffee flavors include:

  • French Vanilla – Classic choice you can’t compete with. Vanilla!
  • Hazelnut – Enhances your coffee to be sweeter! Buttery sweetness!
  • Mocha – The blend of chocolate, and milk. You can’t go wrong with it!
  • Caramel – An alternative to chocolate, another sweet-tasting syrup!
  • Pumpkin spicePopular in Autumn. It makes you love pumpkins!
  • PeppermintPopular in Winter. Is it that minty time of the year again? 
  • AmarettoA taste of an Italian liqueur with zero alcohol! Attractive eh?
  • CinnamonEver heard of Sweet n’ Spicy? Gives coffee an extra hit.

What’s the best coffee? 

That question is debatable, and I guarantee you that there’s no definite answer to it. However, we can tell you some of the best coffee brands as per a study. The website,, researched which coffee brands were the best, using a variety of sources. The results concluded that Stumptown Coffee, Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle, Death Wish, and Equal Exchange are all some of the best coffee brands that money can buy. While these brands are a bit more expensive than the average brand, they are sure to include excellent quality and taste. As long as you don’t burn it! (Yes, it’s possible to burn coffee). Check the website to learn more about these brands! 

What about the healthy alternatives?!

You all actually care about your health?? Well, you’re in luck! The website, provided us with the best coffee for your diet. Medically reviewed by a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist, the website found that Natural Force Clean Coffee, Stumptown Coffee Roasters Organic, Best Instant: Joe Coffee, and 4 more brands, are organic and are more easy on your stomach. Just keep in mind that these coffee brands are much more expensive as they are “purely” organic. Not crazy expensive, but it’s a price that is way too high for a small bag of coffee. They’re like the coffee brands you would find in Sprouts or Whole Foods. Check out the website to look at the rest of the healthy brands, check prices, and compare and contrast the pros and cons of each brand. 

So, did we convince you to try coffee or a new coffee flavor? Yes? Great to hear! No? Then you must have a soul darker than coffee itself. Trust me, from a totally reliable source, coffee will erase all troubles in your life. It will wake you up and give you enough energy to fix the life that you have so terribly screwed up! One sip and you’ll fall in love with it! Coffee! America’s favorite breakfast beverage! Endorsed by this guy: ☕😀👍 

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