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Girls Soccer Wins First Game of the Season

The high school girls soccer team takes a win against Aurora West in a close match.

April 3, 2023

On March 22 2023, LSE’s high-school girls soccer team faced Aurora west in a game and emerged victorious. The girls were very excited and happy with the results.  The team is very united, as they all encourage and motivate each other and get along very well, which makes them a great team of sisterhood and friendship. 

Some girls in the high school soccer team were interviewed, this is what they had to say: 

Leslie (10th grade)- She started playing mid-field and now plays goalie. “I didn’t really mind it because I knew overall it would benefit the team, since my goal kicks and punts can go further than the previous goalie. In the beginning I was nervous because this would be my first ever time playing goalie.” She is new to her position but she is very hardworking and determined. “I try my best to come up with the best possible solution. I know over time I will understand what to do and get better, so I just have to have that mindset as to not get in my head.” 

Sophomore Leslie, now goalie of the soccer team Kimrose Bassra

Lesly (9th grade)- She was also feeling nervous and anxious before the game. Half game the scoring was tied, the whole team was trying their hardest, at the end they scored 7-5. “I was really happy that we had won and seeing my friend work hard to help our team,” she expressed with so much happiness. Lesly had this to say about her friend Anngie, “She’s my idol, she was really doing a lot out there.” Lesly and Anngie have a strong bond which is an example of how the team is proud of the successes of their teammates.

Winta (10th grade)- She was a little nervous before the game, but as a team they were all encouraging each other which made her feel so much better. “I had no idea if we were going to win or not, because the scores for the first half remained the same.”  When the game ended she realized that they had won and she couldn’t express how happy she felt, since this was their first win. One thing she would tell her team is that she is proud of them all. “They’re always putting in their best, no matter how tired they are.” She tells her team member freshmen Anngie, “I’m proud of her. She’s always putting in her best even when she’s hurt. She gives us hope by putting in her effort.”

“Freshmen #19 Anngie Guerra Peraza with 4 goals to lead the Meteors to a 7-5 win against Aurora West.”  (athletics_lotus)

Anngie (9th grade)-  The soccer team is really proud of her performance! “Yes, I was a bit frustrated at the beginning of the game, but the second half was something else, it went really well.” Her emotions changed throughout the game, she was a bit upset, however she didn’t lose hope. She had her mind focused on the game and  played out her heart which brought victory. Anngie has been playing soccer since she was 4 and she has a passion for it. 

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