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Mobile video games to try out

April 25, 2023

Hey all! Another article here, and geez, aren’t you always bored? While sitting around don’t you feel the need to do something to keep your mind and hands busy? Is going outdoors not an option for you? Hanging out with people? No? Well, my socially awkward friends, there are always mobile games! Have you heard of them?

Of course you have! I mean, we all have to deal with doses of annoying pop-up ads and clicking on the tiny X’s on the corner of the screen. And whether you like them or not, we are going to list some mobile games for you to try! Fortunately for us, these games will also be reviewed by two LSE students who are quote, “Epic Pro-Gamers.” Please give it up for Reily R. and Arthur P. We made sure that these games have been confirmed to be both on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Boys and girls, teachers and staff, A&E presents some mobile games for you to try out! (Especially during class.)


Going Balls 

Supersonic Studios LTD 

I’m not sure whether you heard of this one, but this one involves rolling a ball through a series of obstacles courses and routes. The ball physics in this game is pretty smooth and can make you feel like you are rolling a real ball. Reviewer, Arthur, shared his opinions first. “It’s fun. I like how you get to upgrade your speed and other things.” He didn’t like that in order to get a boost, you have to watch ads, however.=. Arthur rated it an 8/10. Reviewer Reily said it was laggy and boring. He couldn’t play after level 10. “6/10,” he rated it. 

Digit Shooter! - Apps on Google Play

Digit Shooter! 

Rollic Games

Another one you might have seen, this one involves you playing as a number (more specifically, number of money) trying to get the highest number you can possibly get! “I actually somewhat enjoyed it; a little repetitive but still fun 4/10,” Reily told us. Arthur mentioned that it is a fun game and it keeps you entertained. But he didn’t like the ads so he gave it a 6/10. 


Goofy Ahh Game - Apps on Google PlayGoofy Ahh Game  

Friday Games 

The title may be deceiving but it is definitely worth a try! Here you go playing as 🗿trying to get as many 🗿 on your team to fight the boss at the very end! “Just like its name, it really is goofy.” Arthur commented. Ha! What a fun man am I right? He said he can play it for a while before getting tired. But again he didn’t like the ads and therefore he gives it a 9/10. Reily spoke about how it was an alright game that works greatly as a time killer but drained battery, so we got a 5/10 out of him.


Slice It All! by VoodooSlice it All!


This one isn’t anything that special but can get you through some sessions of boredom. You will have to slice various items until the end and you rinse and repeat. Reily stated that the game is fun but it’s the same all over again, 2/10. Arthur said otherwise, he enjoyed it and had fun but didn’t like the amount of ads, he gave a 6.5/10. 



Stacky Dash – Apps on Google PlayStacky Dash

Supersonic Studios LTD 

Another decent game! Here you try to navigate in maze-like structures trying to collect squares to stack and eventually reach the end of each level. Reily commented “It kept crashing, I don’t know if it was on my end or the game’s fault so 2/10.” Tough luck. Meanwhile Arthur said that it was a pretty good game, but he didn’t like the ads at all. And he still gave the game a 8.5/10.



Plants vs. Zombies FREE download latest APK 1.1.74 for AndroidPlants vs. Zombies 


Now this is one of the more quality games. A classic if you will. A lot of people know this one but it’s basically a tower defense game where you defend your house from zombies using plants. Reily titled the game as a classic and he told us how he remembered playing it on his Nintendo DS. He said every plant had its own way to play and he gave it a 10/10. Arthur said that the game is not that bad and that it’s pretty interesting. He mentioned how the game does have a slow start before diving into the good parts of it. He rated it a 9/10.

Where's My Water? 2 - Apps on Google PlayWhere’s My Water? 2


One that some of you may or may have not played in the past. However, I guarantee you, if you are willing to play one of these games this may be the one to go. Besides, it has ducks! “Another classic, same as the original but with more details and story… 8.5/10” Reily shared his thoughts. On the other hand, Arthur said he liked that you had to find different ways to get the level complete. But he personally got bored quickly. He gave it a 5/10.


Did you get bored while reading this? Next time, why don’t you play a mobile game to keep you from dying of boredom? And heck, make those games one of the games that we went over today! Make sure to try at least one of them. I’ll assure you they’ll help you pass time in any situation. You can even play them while watching a tv show or movie if your attention span is low. Anyways, I’m getting bored from writing this so Imma go play some games. 

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