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Student IDs: New Policies 

Check out updates on student IDs and why they were enforced

April 25, 2023

LSE, AURORA – For those who have seen the Schoology update or tune into the morning announcements, there are some new student ID policies in regards to enforcement. Several students aware of the change question why this is in place and whether or not this is a necessary measure. This article will discuss what these new policies are, why they were enforced, and if they will continue to be in use for years to come. 

We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Watson, dean of school culture who shares insight on the newly updated policies. In order to promote transparency and shed light to this situation, he details the importance of these restrictions.

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Mr. Watson explains that the primary concern for enforcement has been safety. In wake of gun violence and several instances of public safety being at risk in schools, Lotus is participating in measures to properly identify Lotus students individually to counteract the possibility of an intruder. 

This policy also comes after the hoodie policy that banned hoodies at school was lifted. The intention behind that policy was to ensure no one could conceal their identity with a hood. “The requirement for all Lotus students to be wearing a school-issued ID is directly correlated to the change in the hoodie policy. LSE students are now permitted to wear hoodies, per our Executive Director. School issued IDs allow for an additional way to determine if a person walking down the hallway at Lotus is in fact a student or not,” Watson explains. “In addition to student identification, school issued IDs also make the lunch line move faster as the barcode is compatible with the lunch checkout system.”

Considering how several policies and enforcement have evolved over the school year and the change in administration, we questioned whether or not ID enforcement will continue to be implemented in future school years.

Mr. Watson explains, “A new principal will be in place on July 1st, 2023, and they will provide leadership in all areas of school operations including ID’s. I have not been able to have a specific conversation with the new principal regarding this policy, but I am planning to recommend that the same system that is in place this year be carried over into next year. The differences would be students who have their school issued ID before the 1st day of school if they attend registration week, and if they are not, we will work to provide the ID within the 1st week of school.  I am recommending it as an expectation starting the 1st day of school.”

We hope this article has answered your questions and if you have any more questions please put them down in the comments. 

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