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Reviewing Class Options

A look into the 2023-2024 school year

May 2, 2023

Milko Sado

As you may have already noticed through the course selection form for next year lotus is offering a new selection for classes next year. We are now offering a total of 5 CE (concurrent enrollment) ELA classes, 2 CE science classes, and a total of 3 AP classes.

Considering these new class options, we surveyed several highschoolers on their responses to these newly implemented courses. We sent out a form asking students about a class they are interested in or are excited about, and some classes they want Lotus to offer.

Participants percentage per grade

According to our results as depicted above, most people were excited about the science classes such as enrolling into CE Anatomy & Physiology, and CE Nutrition. Some classes that people wanted Lotus to offer were, AP Psychology, Criminology, more advanced math courses, ecology, and weight training. 

Some good news directed towards those who wanted to participate in a psychology course, there is an AP psychology course on Edgenuity that you can take. The AP exam will be administered at another distinct location or highschool. If you are interested in taking the class, reach out to Ms. Brauhn.  

Here is one direct responses from the survey who specify their interests:

Students discussing

“I’m looking forward to the CE intro to Shakespeare and CE world literature. I am looking forward to them because Ms. Khadija is going to be teaching them and they are going to be my first CE classes. I am also excited for choir and creative writing classes. I have always liked to write freely, which seems to be what creative writing is going to be, and I have always loved singing.” –Johni–

As college acceptance rates are decreasing and are getting more and more competitive, Lotus hopes to offer more advanced classes in the future however, as of right now because of some limitations this is all that is available. A significant factor having to do with who is qualified to teach the courses; as CE classes can only be taught by a teacher who has a master’s degree in that specific field. As for now, we hope you were able to find some classes that you are excited about for next year. 

If you have any questions about possible classes for the future, make an appointment and talk to Ms. Brauhn or administrators.

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